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Miscarriage - waiting for Aunt Flo

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Maybebaby76 Wed 10-Sep-08 10:19:04

Hello ladies

I wanted to start a new thread to see whether anybody out there feels as crazy as I do right this moment wink

I am impatiently waiting for AF to show her face after a 2nd early miscarriage over a month where is she!!

Part of me is a little nervous as it means I can start ttc again,then the thoughts of recurrent miscarriage raise their ugly heads! The other part just wants to know that things are 'back to normal' and functioning as the should

sue10 Wed 10-Sep-08 10:56:04

Sorry you have had a second mc, i know what you mean about wanting to know things are back to normal, although i was sad with the mc's i was relieved when AF arrived, one because all the hormones were beginning to settle and two it ment i could begin to move on and prepare for next try. Hope she comes soon. Takecare.

Maybebaby76 Wed 10-Sep-08 10:59:14

I'm so sorry to hear about your mc's sad
I'm looking forward to moving on too wink

calsworld Wed 10-Sep-08 14:07:30

Hi maybe and sue, I was just thinking about starting a thread on this subject so headed over and here you are.

I have one DS and mc DC2 about 2 weeks ago, I'm really grateful the bleeding from that has stopped but am having a real sad day, I just want to be pregnant and everything seems to be such a waiting game. I was ttc for 6 months before getting pregnant and am worried about it taking that long again, and then of course there's the worry about whether the next one will stick or not.

I feel really sad. I thought I was doing really well not to feel jealous but its really kicking in now sad

Maybebaby76 Wed 10-Sep-08 15:23:24

Hi calsworld,

I'm so sorry to hear your news...there are no words to describe how entirley rubbish it feels.

I thought I was doing well until a week ago, my hormones went into hyperdrive and I just felt so empty and alone. My work colleagues were really supportive and I was advised to take some time off to let myself come to terms with things.

I have told myself that I have to look forward and be positive..if I didn't I would be typing this from my bed right now wink.

This doesn't stop me having really blue moments and bouts of many of my friends are getting pregnant at the moment or at least that is how it feels. I just want it to be my turn envy

If it is any comfort then I please remember that you are not alone even though at times it feels like you are. It is important to share how you are feeling with others, if not those around you then on this website.

Take each day at a time and give yourself lots of tlc x x x x x

calsworld Wed 10-Sep-08 15:42:34

Thanks maybe ...I go back to work on Monday, which I'm a bit nervous about. Just not sure how to go back to 'normal' when I feel like my world's been turned upside down. I guess it doesn't help that so few people know.

I also can't bear the thought of anyone that does know thinking its something trivial. Its more than just the loss, I had a horrible experience in the gynae ward - it wasn't just like a period - far from it and I feel a bit traumatised by it all, tbh. No-one considers that.

I'm in the same boat with people on my ttc board getting pregnant and I can't even start trying again yet. It makes me so, so sad and it feels so terribly unfair when it took 6 months to conceive too. What if it takes that long again and I miscarry again? But the thought of not having another DC is just too much to bear so I have to try, don't I?

sue10 Wed 10-Sep-08 15:53:49

Hi Calsworld,
it really is pant isnt it, i feel for you aswhen i went back to work two of my colleagues were then pregnant, it was awful as i had not told anyone except my line manager!!! Goodluck but dont rush yourself. Have you considered discussing with consultant/gp about tryong clomid to help with the ttc, i got pregnant on first try, might be worth thinking about. Takecare.

Maybebaby76 Wed 10-Sep-08 15:57:48

Hey calsworld, I know how you feel about going back to work.

Do you have a close friend there you can talk to about it? A friend of mine kindly told the rest of my colleagues what had happend..I just couldn't bear doing it face to face, I didn't want anybody judging or brushing it off.

It really helped me and sort of took the pressure off a little. I know now that if I am having a crap day or am a little quiet then they know why...I don't have to explain.

I know the future seems so uncertain, I really do wonder myself sometimes but hopefully we can gain some strength from this..if not then what do we do?

Keep me posted with how you are doing...let's hope we can both share some good news on here over the next few months wink x x x

Maybebaby76 Mon 15-Sep-08 08:48:43

Hi there calsworld

Just wondering how things were when you went back to work?

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