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Follow up today

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sadminster Tue 09-Sep-08 09:46:53

Very anxious, trying to distract myself with mumsnet. I've also managed to misplace the letter from my previous consulatnt saying I need heparin arrrggghhh

pickle78 Tue 09-Sep-08 12:46:25

Hope your appt goes as well as it can iykwim & you're able to get some answers (and the care you want & need for future pregnancies).

Thinking of you x

sadminster Tue 09-Sep-08 14:32:52

We're back - was good I suppose. Nothing abnormal with Toby, the placenta or me as far as they can tell. I'm immune to all the nasty infections (CMV, parvo, toxoplasmosis), no sign of infection etc, no diabetes, clotting was fine. hmm

Plan for next pregnancy is 150mg aspirin/day, 20mg of clexane & 25mg of prednisolone from a BFP, taking 75mg aspirin preconceptually. She'll (consultant) will see me weekly for scans & I need to call her secretary as soon as I get a +ve test.

Just need to conceive now (she's also referring me to m/c infertility clinic for another opinion on my possible PCOS too).

IDoEverything Tue 09-Sep-08 14:36:57

Wow - that sounds really thorough Sadminster.

Do you mind me asking roughly where abouts in the country you are? Have you been to a specialist centre?

I am due my follow-up appointment after 2 ectopics & 3 miscarriages this week and am not sure what to expect. My local hospital does not have a specialist in recurrent miscariage and so I am seeing a general fertility consultant.

sadminster Tue 09-Sep-08 14:51:20

I'm in Reading, so am seen at the Royal Berks. It isn't a specialist centre but they do have a miscarriage clinic along side the infertility one.

The miscarriage specialist doesn't want me to use the heparin & prednisolone because I have no indications for it - other than 6 pregnancy losses vs one live birth when I was using it - but the obstetrician (who's a bereavement specialist) has seen me in two pregnancies now & I have a relationship with her. I have to admit I'm fairly forceful with them - they can't prove that the treatment doesn't work any more than I can prove that it does. Unfortunately it takes an awful lot of losses before they are willing to be that aggressive.

You've had such a hard time, I hope that you can get some help. I've had to accept that there isn't any treatment that is going to guarantee me a live birth, it is a matter of stamina - how many losses can we risk.

IDoEverything Tue 09-Sep-08 15:01:39

Sounds like you have been through a lot and done a lot of your own research.

I have been trying to do the same but am bamboozled by the amount of contrdictary information out there.

How did you persuade them to prescribe the drugs?

I imagine that coming away with a plan for your next pregnancy and knowing that you have someone to contact as soon as get BFP is incredibly reassuring.

I am worried that my tests will come back clear and I will just be sent away to try again. I doubt that the testing will even be thorough enough to be honest. From what I can gather, testing for clotting problems can be very hit and miss.

sue10 Wed 10-Sep-08 11:37:01

Hi Sadminster, this sounds very proactive, you tx is similar to my next pregancy, ive not used heparin before and am slightly worried about injecting myself though but really hope that after all my mc's and a mmc this ig going to work for me!!!!!!!!

Hi Idoeverything, My local consultant would not prescribe the above tx but i saw Mr Shehata at Epsom Hospital, he also has a private clinic in Harley Street. After som nay local apoointments i realsied that if i really wanted things to be investigated i would need to do my own research and find specialists who are really interested in recurrent mc. Goodluck everyone!!!

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