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What to expect in miscarriage?

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charlie1000 Fri 05-Sep-08 17:52:45

I am 5 and a half weeks pregnant and for the last two days have been bleeding relatively heavily, red, fresh blood. I have been to the doctor who referred me to EPU and was scanned today. This however wasn't conclusive as still such early days. The sonographer could see a possible sac but wasn't certain so they have also taken my bloods to check HCG levels. I had a call this afternoon to say the reading was 672 which is apparently consistant with being 5and a half weeks but I need to go back on Monday for them to do another blood test and see if hormone levels are falling. I feel in my heart that this is miscarriage as all my symptoms have also disappeared but I don't know how long to expect it to go on for. The bleeding is fairly heavy but not 'flooding' like I would have expected. Also I have not had any pains but just a dull, heavy sensation in my lower abdomen. Can anyone shed any light please as to what to expect? Sorry if I've written too much information but just feel in limbo as to what's ahead of me.
Many Thanks

sfxmum Fri 05-Sep-08 18:00:41

Hi Charlie am coming from thread other thread with real namewink

I am sorry this is happening to you
I miscarried last year at 8 wks but really the foetus had stopped growing at 5wks.
I started spotting at 7wks the bleeding proper started the following week.
I did have stronger cramps a couple of days into it and I passed the sac quite clearly.
it eased after that.
altogether it was just over a week and like a heavy period.

when I went back to scan it was all clear, this was 2wks later, I am very sorry about this, take it easy
I think the physical recovery is faster than the emotional one. take care

wendiwoo Fri 05-Sep-08 18:19:32

Hi... really sad to read your thread... I had a similar situation a couple of years ago. was unsure of dates had scan at 10 weeks 2 sacks seen one with live foetus one inconclusive.. started to get cramps and light bleeding a couple of days later. went back for another scan and remaining foetus had died. i opted for medical management but it was a very difficult time. However i caught again 6 weeks later and despite bleeding continuously for 16 weeks I gave birth to my dd at 42 weeks. I hope you are ok.. if the worst should happen there is support out there... talking helps

charlie1000 Fri 05-Sep-08 21:30:33

Thank you sfxmum and wendiwoo I appreciate you taking the time to post a reply on here. So far the bleeding is still ongoing (second day) but I feel it's eased off slightly although I would say I'm starting to get slight period pains. Have passed some tissue substance (not much-sorry if tmi) and but nothing that is obvious sac. Do you think this will be pretty obvious? I imagine there must be more to come as I would say my period is normally heavier and longer. Do you think I'm right? Also, did you carry on working? I have taken a few days off but not sure if things will get worse before they get better?

Liney15 Fri 05-Sep-08 21:52:52

Hi Charlie - Sorry to hear what your going through. I can't answer your question as I had a miscarriage a bit later at 9 weeks and there was a sac. I suspect there will be more, I'm afraid - the miscarriage association are very good to talk to - 01924 200799 (I wish I'd spoken to them before mine) but only work Mon - Fri 9 am - 4pm.

I did take some time off work afterwards as its such an emotional time.

sfxmum Fri 05-Sep-08 22:03:27

Hi Charlie from what you say it is hard to know for sure what is really happening.
I would agree that the MA are very good to talk to
also do take a few days off if you can
take care

wendiwoo Sun 07-Sep-08 23:27:57

Hi charlie hope you are okay?... been thinking about you. Take some time off work either way this has been a difficult time for you.. Take care of yourself!

holly81 Mon 08-Sep-08 08:52:40

hi charlie sorry to hear you are going through this i had a mc just over 2 weeks ago and know how worried you must be i was nearly 6 weeks when i started bleeding and a scan confirmed i had lost my baby but as you have prob read on here so many woman have bleeding and carry to full term with healthy babies so its not always the bad news that you dread take it easy and have a few days rest have everything crossed for you xx

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