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Threatened miscarriage

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EmilyRae Wed 03-Sep-08 03:14:26

I found out through a hpt that i was pregnant the day my period was due! Three days later i started spotting and went to the er, they did a pelvic and my cervix was closed, and through a blood test my hcg showed up at 141 i was told based on my last period i was 4w but the doc at the er said my levels were really low that i was only about 3w and i was having a miscarriage :c i went back 48 hours later and my hcg dropped to 77, at the clinic i was told again its not a viable pregnancy. My mother took me to the er 4 days after my second hcg test due to heather bleeding and they tested my hcg again and now its 139...a pelvic exam showed my cervix is closed, the did a vaginal scan and it showed nothing! IM CONFUSED i get another hcg test tomorrow! Could it be im not that far along?! Im holding onto hope at this point

HairyToe Wed 03-Sep-08 15:59:00

Sorry I don't know enough to answer this question properly - wouldn;'have thought a vaginal scan would show anything this early though. Mystery why your hcg is going down then up?! Just wanted to say I'm sorry you're going through this. Bump for someone who is more knowledgeable!

cornsilk Wed 03-Sep-08 16:00:30

I don't know either but wish you luck.

ClairePO Wed 03-Sep-08 16:08:31

I'm not sure either but just wanted to wish you the best.

I wonder if the first levels are wrong? 141 seems high for 3 weeks which is what the doctor said. Surely at 3 weeks you would just be implanting and have very low levels?

EmilyRae Wed 03-Sep-08 17:36:05

My results won't be in til tomorrow sept 4th. Im very anxious, do hcg levels rise after a miscarriage? I've take a hpt every day and today i had my darkest line and it showed up right away! My very first one was so light, that i did a follow up with a digital test. Im very confused as to why i would be bleeding and my levels going up?! Guess now i'll play the waiting game its hard right now not just on me but the family as well x x x thanx for all the comments

ClairePO Thu 04-Sep-08 09:29:54

I would imagine they fell, after my mc I was having faint positives on an HPT and then a week after I was getting negatives. Good luck for today.

cmotdibbler Thu 04-Sep-08 09:34:28

Unfortunatly what can happen is that it isn't a viable pregnancy (HCG should double every 48 hours IIRC), but that the placenta and other tissues can keep going (ie don't come away) and continue to produce HCG which will vary in amount if you have some bleeding etc.

SnoopDog Thu 04-Sep-08 09:35:56

emily, please ask them about the chance of an eptopic pregnancy, it can be a sign when the hcg goes up and down,

i am sorry you are going though this sad

ClairePO Thu 04-Sep-08 18:34:06

Emily how did you get on today?

EmilyRae Thu 04-Sep-08 21:36:45

Claire, I've called the lab directly today they were unable to give me the results over the phone since i don't have a release form on file. My doctors office hasn't called even though i've called twice today. They close for the day in 1 hour, guess i'll try back tomorrow morning. My bleeding today is very minimal but a lil more than spotting still no cramps. Jus to note my spotting started august 25th so its been ten days :c my period was due aug 22 the day i tested pregnancy positive. I know something is wrong but my question is how long does one bleed with a mc? Health care here is awful, my ob gyn will not see me cause the Er said i was miscarring. I had to go back last sunday to the er for a scan because my doctor would not order it til my hcg was over 1000. The er doc doesn't think its in my tubes cause i have no pain. I'll keep u posted as soon as i here back x x x emily

EmilyRae Fri 05-Sep-08 01:47:01

The social worker from the clinic called, she wouldn't tell me my hcg levels over the phone :c she told me the doctor wants to see me first thing in the morning, she mentioned another blood test and an ultra sound. So i assume they went up again. Xxx emily

SnoopDog Fri 05-Sep-08 09:06:28

sad emily,

i honestly think you should be pushing for ectopic scanning,

i think you have the classic signs,

spotting, low hcg, drop and raise levels, closed cervix, nothing on scan,,

they may treat you with something called methotraxate (sounds worse than it is)

i had it with mc no 2, search threads on here for more info, there was a thread recently about it,

SnoopDog Fri 05-Sep-08 09:08:11

read this thread

i am j j smile

EmilyRae Fri 05-Sep-08 14:59:56

Well its friday morning and i jus had my blood taken again my levels from wednesday were 137 down 2 since sunday, my supposed to be 6 weeks today. Im now waiting in the lobby my doctor has ordered another vaginal ultrasound and a regular one so thats good.

ClairePO Fri 05-Sep-08 16:20:48

When are you having the scan? Is that what you were waiting in the lobby for? Hoping for a happy outcome for you.

EmilyRae Sat 06-Sep-08 01:47:13

Ugh, im having a hard time posting today well i had an abdominal and a vaginal scan both showed nothing, my lining was thin not thick like it would be in pregnancy nothing visible in my tubes. Also no sac. My doctor will call tomorrow with todays hcg levels and retest wednesday and do another scan to make sure they didn't miss anything. At this point they believe i lost the pregnancy very early on most likely before i tested positive and my body absorbed everything. They explained to me that i could produce hcg for up to 6 weeks but will test me weekly til im down to 0. She said i can try again right away if im emotionally ready. And today i've totally stopped bleeding not even a spot i was told based on the dates i can conceive as soon as monday. Xxx emily Does anyone know if your levels need to be at 0 after a miscarriage in order to conceive?

EmilyRae Sat 06-Sep-08 01:51:43

Thanx snoop for all the info you passed on it was very helpful without that knowledge they wouldn't give me a scan. It put my mind at peace knowing that nothing there that could put me at risk. And yes they are willing to follow up with me until im at a 0. Emily

EmilyRae Mon 08-Sep-08 22:33:14

Omg its sept 8 and the just called with the results from my hcg test done on the its up to 169 it went up 30! But when i had my scan that day it showed nothing! Im scared, anxious and confused!! They went to wait and retest again wednesday, btw the nurse asked if i was feeling sick :c im jus drained emotionally

SnoopDog Mon 08-Sep-08 23:44:58

sad i am sorry emily,

it is awful going though this (i know)

it is probabally some trobhobastic tissue (awful word meaning left over stuff) from the baby/placenta/miscarriage,

make sure your doctors take good care of you x

EmilyRae Tue 09-Sep-08 02:11:32

When they did my scan they didn't see anything :c but i didn't think they would i wasn't that far along. Hopefully by wednesday i'll know more...i've been cryin nonstop its awful...anyhow if you'd like to message me feel free xxx my e mail is i also have an account ct user name raindrops.on.roses xxx

AnnVan Tue 09-Sep-08 03:05:54

It's natural to be weepy with an experience like this. Even worse because it's been so up and down for you. I only hope you can get some certainty and closure soon so that you can move on and come to terms with what's happened.
I know when I had my m/c last year, they couldn't tell me if I was miscarrying or not when I was bleeding, I just had to wait and see if things worked out, and that was hard. that said, I got pregnant again really soon, and my baby is now well overdue!
Was this a planned pregnancy??

EmilyRae Thu 11-Sep-08 00:03:29

Wasn't planned i jus turned 31 i have a daughter 9 and a son 7. Im in my second relationship i was married ten years divorced 2 getting married again this december

AnnVan Thu 11-Sep-08 21:01:25

Good luck, then, and just give yourself time to get over things! Good luck for your wedding as well. smile

EmilyRae Fri 12-Sep-08 14:35:44

Thanx Ann the night b4 last i started getting cramps in my morning i had pressure down below and i started bleeding heavier, that after noon my clinic called and said after the spike in hcg it has started to go down...they told me i would probably start bleeding soon...and i had already started so that was weird. They will monitor my hcg they think by wednesday it'll be very low...they told me to wait 3 cycles b4 i ttc was very tough last night, i cried myself to sleep...

AnnVan Fri 12-Sep-08 21:46:20

sad for you. I think I'd agree about giving some time before ttc again. Let your cycle normalise again.

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