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home after ERPC and very tired

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saraheb Tue 02-Sep-08 11:06:56

its been a long last few weeks. I miscarried (at 8 weeks) whilst on holiday 3 weeks ago and was bleeding for just over a week then brownish 'stuff' (sorry for TMI). Started feeling unwell and went to doc 2 weeks after mc, who sent me for blood tests and urgent scan (following day). I was admitted to hosp last wed and waited for my op until early hours fri morning (very traumatic). Later the same day senior doc said I could go home when I was ready. They gave me painkillers and I dressed asap and went home with dh and dd during visiting hours.

Since then I have just felt really drained. Went to work yesterday morning but left at 10am exhausted. Am not at work today but plan to go back tomorrow.

Has anyone else felt like this after ERPC? I am still coming to terms with my loss emotionally too.

pickle78 Tue 02-Sep-08 12:28:23

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear your story. I think its normal to feel drained, not only have you been through so much physically but emotionally.

Give yourself time, don't rush back to work if you don't feel ready as it may make you feel worse.

I had a late mc at 22 wks, 5 weeks ago. Some days I feel fine, others I feel rubbish & its an effort to even get dressed.


saraheb Tue 02-Sep-08 13:03:38

Thanks pickle78. sorry about your mc. That's how I am feeling.

I am a teacher and the children are back on Thursday and I really wanted to greet them to the new year but am not sure if I am up to it - emotionally and physically - at the moment.

I am seeing the doctor tomorrow for a check up and am going to see how I feel then.

Reading MN has helped me realise I am not alone!

HairyToe Wed 03-Sep-08 15:41:12

General Anaesthetic alone can make you feel washed out for a few days. And don't underestimate how much your emotions can affect you physically. Thats apparent by the way that people who are suffering from depression often go to the doctor complaing about being tired all the iime. The stress and trauma of everything that has happened to you is bound to run you down.

Could you maybe go in for a couple of hours to greet the children then take some time off sick - till Monday?

TheBlonde Wed 03-Sep-08 16:26:33

I had a ERPC on Monday, I feel totally exhausted
As others have said don't rush back to work

BumpVLump Wed 03-Sep-08 18:32:46

I was like a zombie after my ERPC.
It really does take a toll, more emotionally than physically for me.
As with everyone else, I would really advise not to go back to work yet and to take as much time as possible- you need to put yourself first. (But if you really feel you should, HairyToes advise sounds good)
I took two weeks off after mine and it really helped, sooo much.
Even then i found myself having to sneak to the loo for a cry every now and then!

saraheb Thu 04-Sep-08 15:08:31

Thanks for your messages everyone. I went into work yesterday (wed) then docs in morning. He signed me off til mon and I felt really releived.

I am feeling a bit better today - certainly more human.

I was telling someone yesterday about what had happened and had said how I was going to be off for a few more days and was hoping to 'bounce back'. She replied, "like the Terminator" then gasped and realised what she had said. If I had been my normal self I could have laughed it off but I just wasn't ready for that. luckily she was horrified, although I know she just didn't think. I can smile a little know as I know what she is like and know she will be kicking herself. I walked away with tears in my eyes. Perhaps I am just too sensitive!

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