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Increased risk of cervical incompetence after D&C?

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Diege Sat 16-Aug-08 13:13:20

Feel a bit silly posting this, as still waiting for first af after mmc 3 weeks ago.
Had a D&C at 10 weeks after a missed miscarriage (baby died at 7 weeks). Have 3 children, and during the last pregnancy was monitored for cervical length after LLETZ. I also had 2 d&cs in my early 20s, before having my first dd at the age of 31. Third pregnancy was fine - no evidence of cervical shortening etc..
After stiupidly googling this I'm worried that having a further d&c 3 weeks ago this will have caused further stress to my cervix and may cause problems in a future pregnancy. I'm desperate to try again, but my mind is just coming up with so many things that could go wrong.
A bit blush as I'm not even pregnant yet, but you know how the mind works..
Hopefully the wisdom of mumsnet can help help to ease my endless worrying, or at least confirm my fears so I know where I'm at!

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