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Still bleeding after 4 weeks – is this normal?

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LittleFairySmile Wed 13-Aug-08 15:44:52

Long and, in parts, a bit TMI.

Brief details: On first scan we saw the heartbeat and baby was dated 7+4. Some weeks later I started spotting and went to hospital to be scanned again. We saw the heartbeat, all seemed fine and was told it was a viable pregnancy and sometimes bleeding just happens. Only problem was baby should have been 11 weeks, but was measuring right size for 9 weeks. Later that day what I can only liken to labour pains started, contractions every 3 mins, and then felt a pop and there was a huge gush of blood. I was still having labour pains on way to hospital, and finally, at hospital, passed what doctor thinks was the pregnancy sac. Was scanned, and there was no sign of baby or sac. Exactly one week later I, painfully, passed another large (say twice the size of the average mobile phone) sac-like thing into the toilet. Since then, no pain and no large losses. Our baby died on 20 July.

It was all natural, no intervention, save the scans. (DS, who is 2yo, was an emergency c-section, not sure if that has any bearing at all).

Forgetting the emotional side of it (which is a whole other issue) I am fine.

However, I am still very lightly spotting and (sorry if way TMI) there are brown, stringy clots.

Is this normal or should I go to the doctors?

Samonta Wed 13-Aug-08 16:03:12

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I had one last year. I was 12 weeks (or so I thought) & had all the normal pregnancy symptoms. However started to bleed just before 12wk scan and told baby had died at 7 weeks. I miscarried naturally though was offered assistance by hospital. I continued to bleed to varying levels, (sometimes extremely heavily) up to about 3 months post the passing of the sac. My untrained answer to your question is; your experience can be deemed normal as women seem to have very different experiences. Some hardly bleed at all after the initial loss,and wonder if their periods will ever return and some like me,bleed a lot. I just kept going back to the hospital for scans and checking what was left inside, as risk of infection if anything is left behind. I wish I had been told how heavy and prolonged the bleeding could be after the miscarriage as then I wouldn't have been so frustrated and paniced. Good luck.

LittleFairySmile Wed 13-Aug-08 16:42:30

Thank you, that helps.

HairyToe Wed 13-Aug-08 21:15:05

I had a mmc discovered at 12 week scan, followed by anERPC a week later to remove remains.

I bled on and off for a few weeks, then stopped before having my first 'period' after 4 weeks. However this period went on for a couple of weeks too with lots of stringy brown stuff like you describe.

Now in the middle of my next period, 4 weeks later. As Samonta says I think everyone is different but erratic bleeding is common. I had quite strong cramps as well. Checked with nurse at surgey and she said I should only worry (about infection presumably) if I felt very unwell and/or developed a temperature.

Hope things get back to normal for you soo.

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