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Eptopic pregnancy now left with one damaged tube

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littlestressed Thu 31-Jul-08 19:11:24

Hello can anybody give me some hope as I am getting really stressed! 3 weeks ago I had an eptopic pregnancy sadand my left tube had to be removed. The remaining tube is badly damaged/blocked so have been told best to have it removed. Has anyone had a similar situation and beating the odds and conceived without suffering another eptopic pregnancy? Also, we were advised to wait until I had at least one period before trying again but haven't, is this wrong?

Bellie Thu 31-Jul-08 19:27:33

littlestressed, sorry to hear of your ectopic sad.

I had one in Sept 2006, and had one tube removed. I struggled to conceive again and started investigations. I had a lap and dye, where they push dye through your other tube to see if there is a blockage. Whilst I didn't have a bad blockage, there was 'gunge' in there and this cleared it. 2 months later I got pregnant (now 14 weeks) and everything is in the right place this time!

It may not help you, but is it worth investigating this?

Not able to help with the period thing, as we didn't try again for 3 months as still coming to terms with what had happened.


surreylady Thu 31-Jul-08 19:33:56

not personally - but have a friend who has been in your situation - to my knowledge she had 3 epctopic and last was very damaging - thought that the game was up - has lovely daughter now naturally conceived - wiching you the same!

ScaryHairy Thu 31-Jul-08 19:52:51

I can't help on the question of future conception and I suspect that noone but the Dr who did your surgery could give you a real answer. But AFAIK, in circumstances where the ectopic-side tube is removed the reason for waiting until after a period is so that if you get pregnant quickly the doctors can date the subsequent pregnancy.

Sorry to hear you've had an ectopic. It is an awful experience, I know.

JillJ72 Thu 31-Jul-08 20:31:16

Hi, I'm sorry to read your sad news, and the blow of learning your remaining tube is damaged. I'd recommend also going to as they are also very supportive and have a raft of FAQs that you may find of use.

For the record, it's recommended you wait 3 months or 2 cycles, whichever happens soonest, before ttc again.

Take care, and gentle {{{HUGS}}} x

ExterminAitch Thu 31-Jul-08 20:43:53

oh i'm so sorry to hear about your wee lost pregnancy, it's so tough, i know.

i second Jill's advice to also look at the EPT website, they are lifesavers on there. as regards trying again, well... it's really when you feel up to it i think. for a lot of women they'll need time to work up to it, and for the docs it's easier to date if you leave a gap, and there's also a case to be made for leaving some time to heal physically and emotionally, but you obviously are doing what feels right for you. with me, after my second ep and first operation, i just wanted to get on with it as well and blow my remaining tube out if necessary. anything to know once and for all where i stood... iykwim?

did they try to run fluid through the otehr tube during the op? did they take photos? perhaps you could ask for a second opinion on the removal?

that is such a personal decision, i think. if having no tubes at all and being reliant utterly on IVF seems preferable to risking another EP, i can understand that, because an EP is truly horrible to endure. but i'd think it would be SUCH a huge decision, and one that if taken quickly you might regret. so i'd let myself grieve for what might have been for a wee while before taking such a major step.

i hope that it all works out for you, it did me i am very fortunate and relieved to say. smile

JillJ72 Thu 31-Jul-08 21:01:11

The other thing I would add is that it is worth asking for a follow-up with your Consultant in 6 weeks or so. It'll give you time to start the journey of recovery (physical and mental) and think of questions to ask, answers you feel you need.

I was told my tube was damaged after surgery, unfortunately for me the HSG some 16 months later showed the tube was blocked so IVF/adoption were the choices open to us. I am in that small minority though, and the stats are that 85% of women will conceive in 18 months, around 92% in two years. We have had to decide not to proceed; we are very blessed to have DS and this is where our journey ends.

It's such early days, take your time, browse the EPT and the forums, and get a follow-up with the Consultant.


littlestressed Mon 08-Sep-08 18:20:34

Hello again

Sorry for delayed response. I have been up and down like a roller coaster. Since my eptopic I have had two periods just started my second today {sad}.

I was diagnosed with chalmida {shock} last October and had a laparoscopy where I was told both my tubes were damaged {shock}. My consultant gave me 8 months in which to keep trying and see what happens. 9 months went past without succeeding and then a week after seeing my consultant and being put on the waiting list to have my tubes removed and starting to come to terms not having a second child I fell pregnant! Which turned out to be eptopic. I was told I would be high risk but was just praying and hoping it would be ok.

I have asked am I being silly by trying again as knowing my one tube left is damaged but they said no as still a slight possibility it will be a success. I am all messed up again in my mind which worries me as I feel I fell pregnant last time as I had started to relax and come to terms that I was not able to have anymore but I am all worked up again about getting pregnant again which I don't think will help as stress does not help.

ellsbellzie Sun 14-Sep-08 17:30:22

Hi I sort of know how you feel! Ive just suffered an eptopic and came out of hospital on Friday, up to now I havent had to have my tube removed though will know more on Monday when I go back for another blood test hopefully my HG level should be back to 0 they sent me home after it dropped from 255 to 80! I wasnt really told much about my tubes ect.. All I was told was there was nothing in my uterus but a mass on my left side?? Hopefully I will get some answers tommrow! My thoughts aree with you!! XX

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