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How long after miscarriage should I bleed for??

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Just wondering how long anyone else has been bleeding for after a miscarriage. I had my miscarriage a week last Friday (18th July) and the nurse at the early pregnancy unit said that I would bleed quite heavy and red for the first few days, then go to that brown like bleeding and then should be stopping not long after that. Well I have had my heavy red and am now on the brown, but it is horrible and not even trailing off a little but just like a preiod is. Obviously it has been 11 days since the miscarriage and just wondered if it normally goes on this long, thought I would be able to use thinner pads than night time by now thats all - sorry if too much information but who else could I ask eh??

cmotdibbler Mon 28-Jul-08 19:40:59

If you still need to use night time towels, then you need to go back to the EPAU as it sounds like you've either got an infection or haven't passed everything.

Each of mine was a week of red bleeding (but only 3 days of heavy), and then getting ligher over the next week, but really only a light towel/panty liner amount

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