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Could this be a period??

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Gateau Wed 16-Jul-08 10:53:54

I had a miscarriage and then an ERPC just over two weeks ago. I had very little bleeding after it (which dr said was okay), but just now I have had some bleeding.
Could this be a period? I really want it to be so we can think about TTC again!!

teeheelaydee Wed 16-Jul-08 12:52:39

Hi Gateau - I seem to remember reading or possibly being told by the doctor that I could bleed for up to a month after my ERPC. It seems a bit soon for a period but I guess it could be.
You could wait a couple of weeks and see if you are OV or if another period comes along.

Gateau Wed 16-Jul-08 12:55:13

Thanks teehee. I thought I was being ignored!!!
The thing is I never really bled after my ERPC - and any bleeding at all stopped two weeks ago. So here's hoping!

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