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Chemical pregnancy - does this sound odd? A bit TMI. Sorry.

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neolara Tue 15-Jul-08 14:11:40

Last Wednesday, at 10 / 11 days post ovulation, I got a faint BFP on a PT. Because I've lost a couple of pregnancies in the past, I am a bit of a test addict. I tested the next day and got a BFN and also another faint BFP. On Saturday 14 days post ovulation I got a BFN and started to bleed.

And this is what I'm wondering is odd - the bleeding has been very light. After two days of light flow it has slowed down to spotting. I would have thought that it should have been at least like a normal period, and possibly heavier than normal.
So, my question is, is it just normal to bleed so lightly with a CP or do you think there could be something else going on?

I don't think it is an implantion bleed. Firstly because I have been pregnant four times before and have never had this. And secondly because I got a BFN on Saturday so I am certain that I am not still pregnant. I used First Response tests so they really should have picked up anthing that was there.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

neolara Tue 15-Jul-08 19:44:54


HairyToe Tue 15-Jul-08 22:09:08

I had a similar experience back in March. i got a BFP 2 days before my due date, then my period arrived 1 day after my due date. The period was only a couple of days, no heavier or even lighter than my normal period. Subsequent tests were negative. If I hadn;t done the arly test I would never have suspected anything and just assumed i hadn't conceived.

Can't offer any explanations but in my experience the bleed following a CP was no different to a normal period.

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