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Early miscarriage - what happens next?

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chibi Sun 13-Jul-08 11:48:44

I am fairly certain I am having a miscarriage.

We ttc this past month. my period 'seemed' to start (tues) but was v light, just spotting really so did a pregnancy test and got a + result. However by Thursday bleeding increased and was accompanied by cramping. It is now Sunday and am still bleeding, again, not super heavily or even full period strength but am having cramps.

As it has been 6 days since this started and cramping + more blood than just spotting I am sure I am miscarrying. I will only have bee 2 weeks or so pregnant.

My question is, what will happen next? I have a GP appointment later this week, but if anyone can help now I would really appreciate it. Is there some procedure that needs to be done?

Thanks in advance.

Teuch Sun 13-Jul-08 11:57:21

Sorry this has happened to you.

Some women bleed for only a few day, whereas some can have bleeding for a lot longer. It sounds like your body is getting rid of what it need to, and the only concern would be if there was any reason to think that anything was left, as this could cause infection.

Your doctor will probably ask you to monitor the bleeding and, if it stops, do another test (not sure of timelines) but this time you willbe looking for a -ve result. If the bleeding was ongoing, you started to feel feverish or unwell or your tests did not show falling pregnany hormone, you might be referred for an erpc.

If you have any pain to one side, shoulder-tip pain or fainting, these can be signs of ectopic and you should go to A&E.

Hope that helps - look after yourself.

chibi Sun 13-Jul-08 11:59:59

Thanks, the ectopic thing was my big worry. I am trying to take it easy.

Lola30 Mon 14-Jul-08 12:50:03

Hi. I am just experiencing my second early miscarriage. My first was around 8 weeks and this is at 5 weeks. My first m/c was incredibly painful and had trouble pasing the baby alone - I was taken into hospital about 3 days after the initial bleeding started and given morphine for the pain - it was awful. This one is not as painful, more like bad period pains but at least they are coming in waves and not just a constant massive contraction like cramp this time. I was devastated when I started to bleed again - you just think it was sheer unluckiness the first time and that you will be fine the 2nd time, which unfortunately was not the case. I am scared to think I may have to go through this again and I just know how worried and stressed I will be if I get pregnant again. All my female members of my family have never had any problems getting/staying pregnant (and there are lots of women in my family), so I am worried there is something wrong with me. Feeling very disheartened right now....

cmotdibbler Mon 14-Jul-08 13:02:54

lola - I'm so sorry to hear that you're miscarrying again. Its so scary, and you can't help having dark thoughts about your future. The good news is that the vast balance of probability is that is is just sheer bad luck, and that theres nothing wrong with you. Thats why they won't do tests until after 3, and even then, most people find no reason.

Chibi - they should send you for a scan to check what is happening

Will be thinking of you both.

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