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Chemical Pregnancy? Confused and low

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roseability Wed 09-Jul-08 09:29:30

Hi. BFP last Thursday. The next morning a BFN then started bleeding that night. Several subsequent BFNs but bleeding wasn't getting any heavier. Got another faint positive on Sunday and built my hopes up but woke Monday morning to very painful cramps and heavy bleeding. I know this is a chemical pregnancy so I haven't done a test since Sunday and I have had a very heavy bleed. However my boobs still feel sore, is this just my hormones getting back to normal? Why did I get several BFNs followed by a positive? Very confused and low, really wanted this baby and for a day I was so excited.

HairyToe Wed 09-Jul-08 15:05:49

So sorry roseability, its really horrible when this happens. You have a few days of excitement, working out due dates and planning your pregnancy, then its all suddenly taken away from you before its even started properly. I know how disappointed you must be feeling. I had a CP in March and it does sound like you've experienced the same thing. I got a BFP on a Clearblue digital, then 2 BFNs on normal Clearblues, then another BFP on another Clearblue digital (I spent £50 on pregnancy tests that month blush) then finally a BFN on the last digital test (after I had been bleeding for a day). I was really gutted and confused about the different test results.

Apparently these CPs happen all the time and its only because of the sensitivity of pregnancy tests nowadays that we know its happening - otherwise you'd just think it was a late period. I swore I'd never test early again! In fact I joked I'd wait till I couldn't get my trousers done up before I did a test next time.

As it happened I fell pregant again straight away (and did give in and do a test on the day my period was due!) Unfortunately this pregancy ended a few weeks ago in a missed miscarriage. I did ask if the CP and the mmc could be related but the doctors said no but part of me wonders if I should have left a 'gap' between the CP and trying again - although according to most info I can find there's no evidence that the CP 'caused' the miscarrige. Just bad luck on my part.

Look after yourself and take time to get over this but don't let it put you off trying again. And look at the positive side - at least you know you've got the eggs, he's got the sperm and the two did manage to get it together, even if they didn;t quite manage to implant. You're nearly there smile good luck.

roseability Wed 09-Jul-08 15:49:55

Thanks HairyToe and I am so sorry for your recent loss as well. That must be really tough for you. I just think the whole TTC and pregnancy journey is such a rollercoster and exhausting but we will get there in the end. I think you just have to be kind to yourself and remember you have been through a loss/bereavement. So if the housework dosen't get done, you need to take time off work or just curl up and have a good cry then so be it.

I just feel so tired even though I have stopped bleeding. I think your hormones still take time to settle, hence the sore boobs!

HairyToe Thu 10-Jul-08 12:52:34

I think I've come to the conclusion that I always have sore boobs. Maybe I should get a better bra!

roseability Thu 10-Jul-08 13:43:30

LOL at that! I always have sore boobs too! It was the main symptom with my first pregnancy so now I imagine it all the time!

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