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miscarriage at 10 weeks, ended up with massive blood loss and on various drips

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longlegted Wed 02-Jul-08 21:55:05

just wondering if this is a common experience, it has completely freaked me out

nell12 Wed 02-Jul-08 21:59:52

Oh longlegted, I am sorry sad not what you wanted on top of a MC

I MC-ed at 12ks and at 10 and never had drips, except when going in for a D & C. I would not say that what happened to you was common, but it can happen. Please dont let it put you off trying again.

whomovedmychocolate Wed 02-Jul-08 22:00:59

How horrible for you. Yes it's normal I'm afraid if you lose a baby after eight weeks for a lot of blood to be lost. It's not that common because most early miscarriages are about the six week mark and at this point there isn't much there in terms of placenta etc.

It'll probably take a few months for your blood count to return to normal and longer than that for you to feel normal again. Sorry you've gone through this.

TodayToday Wed 02-Jul-08 22:15:17

Yes - it happened to me at 11 weeks pregnant. It was my second miscarriage -a few months after my first. I started to miscarry 'naturally' but on the second day I was losing a lot of blood and in the evening started to pass out in the bathroom.

DH called an out of hours GP who sent an ambulance who took me to the gynaecology/early pregnancy ward where I had been scanned that morning! At the hospital the blood seemed to have stopped but I was put on a IV drip but the next morning I was bleeding very heavily and finally seen by a doctor - then followed a rapid trip to theatre for an ERPC. I was a bit shocked to wake up on oxygen and still on the drip and had to stay in a few days.

It was an awful experience and I can sympathise with what you have been through. My blood count was just high enough for me to avoid a transfusion but I felt dizzy and unstable on my feet for a number of weeks afterwards.

I was signed off work and the worst bit was having colleagues gossip behind my back thinking that I took 3 weeks off for emotional recovery, when it was more for physical reasons. I don't think people realise how much blood can be lost during a miscarriage - even when the bleeding is 'normal'.

This was 3 years ago but it is still a horrible memory - especially the bit when I was bleeding at night at home and about to pass out - I was very scared. I feel like doctors don't advise you what is normal heavy bleeding during a m/c and when to be concerned.

ExtraFancy Wed 02-Jul-08 22:20:00

I am so sorry sad

This happened to me a couple of years ago - went into hospital for medicalmanagement of miscarriage, as there was a sac but no foetus. Was supposed to be a 6-8 hour procedure - I ended up spending 3 days in hopsital, massive blood loss, on a drip, with an ERPC at the end of it as the medical management didn't work.

It was shocking, awful, and I'll never forget it. I went on to have a little boy last year who is now 11 months old, so I agree with the poster who says not to let it put you off trying again.

I hope you are OK x

longlegted Wed 02-Jul-08 23:05:37

I so wasn't expecting the experience of losing consciousness and trying to stay concious, tbh at the time i thought i was going to die as when i came round i was being held up on te loo by 5 or 6 medical staff. i just wish that i had been warned that it could be so dangerous.
I'm feeling a bit beter this evening, this all happened on sunday night. I am afraid of trying again as i don't want to risk leaving my 2dc without a mum. Is that a bit melodrmatic?

Thank you all of you have posted your experiences, there is something helpful about knowing that i'm not the only one.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 03-Jul-08 03:57:30

If you lose over a pint of blood an hour you will pass out - you will also get terribly dehydrated. You are lucky you were in hospital - miscarriage can be life threatening if it's not taken very seriously.

It doesn't sound melodramatic at all - do you have any idea what caused the miscarriage - was it an infection? I guess it's a bit early at this point to know, but perhaps later on when you have your scan to check all is well again you could ask and that might help you decide whether or not to try again. Sometimes these things are completely random bad genetic mixes, and sometimes they can point to an underlying problem.

I've lost two because I have a blood clotting disorder, so when I bleed, I also have the ability to bleed out and die so it's important to check the reasons you had this horrible experience because obviously it can affect you in other ways (ie if you need surgery or you are ill for other reasons). But chances are you have just been really unlucky and it's a one off.

Are they giving you a transfusion?

longlegted Thu 03-Jul-08 22:21:32

they didn't give me a transfusion, just numerous drips. the mc they said was most likely chromasomal.

should they offer me a follow scan? The said nothing about it and tbh i have been given no after care. My mum said that she was visited by a midwife after her mcs and was surprised that i wasn't offered any support.

ladyhelen2 Sun 06-Jul-08 09:26:30

This happened to me on Wednesday just gone. MC at 11 weeks. In A&E and hooked up to just about everything in there and then a D&C. I was told I lost a lot of blood - more than would normally be expected. I am taking iron tablets as a result. Are you doing the same, Longlegted? I feel a little better physically. Emotionally its going to take a while. I also had one at 9 weeks in Feb this year. Identical experience, and lost lots of blood. So much so, my DH passed out in A&E! Funny now. Not so at the time.
Speak to your GP about a follow up, especially if its not your first.
Take care.

Worriedfather Wed 06-Jan-16 20:51:02

My wife had a m/c do to the doctors office next to use who varnished the entire basement filling outside of the house with fumes for almost a week killing our baby we have two already and she has another this is because of the fumes ...we were told we can't do she is bleeding a lot and switching pads every 30 minutes or less this just happened she was 12 weeks two days pregnant and now I'm worried about her...can someone get be me ideas to help my wife ...

Worriedfather Wed 06-Jan-16 20:54:07

She also has diarrhea an we live in a duplex one owner can't sue the other is that right?makes me pretty mad

PipStar13 Wed 24-Aug-16 11:41:10

Ladies, I just want to say THANKYOU for all your posts here. This was happening to me & as it was my first miscarriage I thought this was normal. Anyway I found you're posts & called an ambulance & all is well now. But I would have waiting longer & would have lost more blood & things could have been much worse... so Thank you for sharing your stories.halo

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