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Molar pregnancy

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Gateau Fri 27-Jun-08 21:07:49

Has anyone ever had a molar pregnancy?
Apparently I might be having one - I have to have a ERPOC on Sunday to find out!
Please can anyone tell me more about what it is? Am v worried!

HanniJay Fri 27-Jun-08 21:30:34

Hi Gateau, really sorry to hear you're having a horrible time. Have you tried the miscarriage association website? Am sure others will be able to help. Thinking of you and good luck for Sunday.

Posey Fri 27-Jun-08 21:37:53

Hi Gateau, so sorry to hear this. There are a few, actually quite a lot of us on here who've had them. Mine was 7 years ago, but some have been much more recently.
Just popping off for a bit but will try and get back, just didn't want to leave without responding at all.

Posey Fri 27-Jun-08 21:58:38

Back again, but can't stay, and am a very slow typer. However, have just found the most recent thread on molar pregnancies here
There are loads of others if you put molar pregnancy into the search.
Sorry to run out now, but will check back tomorrow.

Gateau Fri 27-Jun-08 22:14:32

Thank u posey. Will have a read

babyinarms Fri 27-Jun-08 22:42:10

Hi Gateau, so sorry to hear your news.
I had a molar pregnancy 2 years ago now. I was about 7 weeks pregnant and had some spotting so my GP sent me for an early scan but no baby/feotus was seen. They took a blood test and my HCG(pregnancy hormone) was elevated. They follwed me up with a series of scans and HCG levels.
Nothing showed in the scan but my HCg level kept rising quickly.
Initially they thought it was a conceled ectopic pregnancy so did a laproscopy but that too was negative. My levels kept rising so they did a D and C a few days later.
I had weekly HCG blood levels for 6 weeks until they returned to normal and monthly blood test for 6 months.
I was not allowed to get pregnant for that duration because sometimes the molar tissue can return if a fragment is left in the womb.
It was dreadful at the time and i will probably always remember it as the worst , lowest time of my life cos of all the uncertainty so i do know what you are going through, especially not knowing what it was etc.
The up side is i now have a wonderful 9 month old DD and she is so beatiful and precious so even though it was so tough at the time, i cant help but smile when i look at her! I know its a cliche but it does get easier.
I am from ireland but i know that charing cross have a great website if you look it up you will find all you need to know.
I'm not very technical so no good at posting links so maybe if you google it.

Good luck.
Will be thinking of you.
Let us know how you get on.

babyinarms Fri 27-Jun-08 22:48:22

Sorry forgot to mention that if you have a molar pregnancy it will show up after the d and c. They will send some tissue for analysis in the lab.
There are 2 types. Complete and partial. Mine was partial so my follow up was for 6 months. A complete needs further follow up as far as i know.
It took a week after the D and C to get the results....I know the waiting is dreadful too..
Any questions just ask and i will try to answer them, am no expert but have been there xxxxxxxxxxxxx

hazeyjane Sat 28-Jun-08 15:34:42

Gateau, sorry to hear you're going through this.

I had a mp in 2003, and have since gone on to have 2 healthy dd's.

I hope things go ok on Sunday. I don't know where you live, I was under charing cross (I think there are 3 centres that provide follow up if molar tissue is detected). The ladies there are fantastic, and won't mind if you phone with any concerns. There is also a MP website here which is pretty good.

Things usually move pretty quickly with a MP, and whilst the treatment can sometimes be lengthy, the centres in charge are really good at monitering you and providing information.

I hope you are ok, thinking of you.

mummytobea Mon 30-Jun-08 16:22:28

I hope everything went as well as it could yesterday. I had a complete molar pregnancy in February this year. I would definitely second hazeyjane's recommendation of - it is very thorough and if there is anything that is not covered, there is also a forum.
I read alot on the internet, it can be quite frightening with talk of chemo etc but the majority of people do not need any further treatment after the erpc. The follow up is very thorough, I am still on follow up with Charing Cross - at first it was blood and urine, but I have just gone on to monthly urine samples. Rest assured that you will be well monitored.
My histology results took two weeks to come back but they were fairly certain from the ultrasound that it was molar.

Please let us know if you have any more questions

Gateau Tue 01-Jul-08 10:07:45

Thanks all of you for your support and advice. Considering the pain you have all gone through, it's just lovely you are there to help.
The ERPOC went fine - well, as well as it could - on Sunday (all the staff were wonderful). From the scan, they THOUGHT it didn't look like a molar preg but obviously the results have been sent off for analysis.
I am being positive, but not TOO complacent, because obviously you just never know..
One question: I haven't really had pain since the op, but have a bit of an upset stomach - nothing much, just not feeling totally right and I have just had a bit of diarrohea. Does anyone know if this is common in these circumstances?

Posey Tue 01-Jul-08 15:58:45

Glad to hear you're feeling positive after the op and that everything went as well as can be expected. Any idea how long until your results?
As for the diarrhoea, I'm realy not sure, but keep this bumped in case anyone else can help.
Take it easy over the next few days xx

Habbibu Tue 01-Jul-08 19:28:19

Hi Gateau, So sorry you're having to deal with this. I had a partial mole diagnosed in April - hcg levels went down to zero a couple of weeks ago - I ended up having to have 2 ERPCs, as no-one realised it was a mole at first (just looked like a mmc). Am now on 6 month follow-up. I hope that it turns out you don't have one, but if you do, you will get tremendous support on here - I know I have. Not sure about the dodgy stomach - maybe a reaction to the GA, or stress?

Gateau Wed 02-Jul-08 09:04:13

Will get the results within the next two weeks, I think Posey. Will keep you posted.

hazeyjane Thu 03-Jul-08 19:09:30

Glad to hear your ok after Sunday, and fingers crossed the results show no molar tissue.

I'm not sure about the diarrhoea, I know that I always have it when I get my period (sorry TMI!), so maybe there can be a hormonal reason for it, but TBH it's as likely to be stress.

Look after yourself.

babyinarms Mon 07-Jul-08 22:21:01

Hope you are keeping well gateau.
Try to rest up and best of luck with the results.

Gateau Tue 08-Jul-08 08:25:48

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and advice. Get results on Thurs. Will keep you posted..

Habbibu Fri 18-Jul-08 19:58:02

Gateau - any news?

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