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Molar pregnancy - please tell me your positive stories! I need cheering up...

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Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 15:31:02

Just back from hospital - test results after EPRC showed partial molar pregnancy. Tired, fed up and in need of good news stories. Please!

cmotdibbler Thu 24-Apr-08 15:38:59

I'm really sorry to hear that you've got to go through this as well. I haven't had a molar myself, but have heard of a number of people who had and then went on to have perfectly normal pgs.

Theres a good MA leaflet here

Have some virtual chocolate and a nice glass of <insert alcohol of choice/hot chocolate here>

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 15:49:04

Thank you, and thanks for the leaflet - that's really helpful. Luckily, our local hospital is the regional follow-up centre, which does make things a bit better. Just really bloody fed up, tbh - may start gambling - risks of anencephaly are 1 in 1000, risks of molar pregnancy 1 in 1200. Perhaps a lottery ticket is required? Virtual chocolate and (not sure. Gin, possibly?) gratefully accepted...

NorthernLurker Thu 24-Apr-08 15:52:27

This happened to somebody I know. It is very hard to deal with - not least because you have to wait before trying to get pregnant - when all you want to do is get pregnant. Her HCG levels normalised very quickly and everything is looking good. Give yourself a bit of time - maybe you and your partner could do with a holiday?

cmotdibbler Thu 24-Apr-08 16:01:25

With various things, we have tried to take the approach that we have got rid of all our bad luck chances, and now should therefore, get the good luck. Still waiting though... Dh has a theory that theres a finite amount of crap to be endured in your life, so you must have run out of the allowance now.

Here - have a bloody big Bombay Sapphire martini on me. And theres a huge bar of Green and Blacks to go with it

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 19:07:10

cmot - oh, I do hope so. Feel a bit worn down by this just now.

NL - we've just been on holiday, unfortunately! Just after ERPC. It was lovely, but am back down to earth with a big bump now. To be honest, having to wait to try again may be a bit of a blessing - was feeling a bit weary at the thought of another pregnancy and all the stress and worry, despite wanting another baby very much, so maybe an enforced break from thinking about when to try again will do me good.

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 20:34:11


NorthernLurker Thu 24-Apr-08 20:34:32

That sounds like a very good attitude Habbibu - I do hope you are able to try again with happy results soonish smile

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 20:55:35

Ooh - have just ghoulishly done the maths - risk of anencephaly x risk of molar pregnancy = 1 in 1200000. Bloody hell. Is that better or worse than odds of winning the lottery?

cmotdibbler Thu 24-Apr-08 20:58:31

Chance of winning the lottery 1 in 14 million I'm afraid, so you're not evens yet.

Did they recommend a 6 month wait ? Or is it dependant on HCG levels ?

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 21:01:29

6 months - he did say it might be ok after 3 or 4, but because of anencephaly I have to take high dose folic acid for 3 months ahead anyway, so it's all a bit moot really - I probably will just keep taking it, I suppose. Gah.

AitchTwoOhelicopterfraek Thu 24-Apr-08 21:13:37

och no, habs, i'm gutted for you. i didn't know anything about this at all, i'm so sorry, your poor wee nearly-bub. and poor you and the family. sad

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 21:16:26

Thanks, Aitch - actually, your dd has been a bit of a ray of hope in my head these days. So thank her for me, will you?

AitchTwoOhelicopterfraek Thu 24-Apr-08 21:19:56

i will indeed, i thank my lucky stars for her often enough. (except when she is being sick and describing it as 'mummy i done a poo in my mouth'.)

what do you think it all means, habs? apart from FUCKSAKES THIS IS NOT FAIR. it's too much.

mollymawk Thu 24-Apr-08 21:20:25

Sorry to hear about this. But I have a positive story, of my friend who had a DS then two molar pregnancies but now has another DS.

AitchTwoOhelicopterfraek Thu 24-Apr-08 21:29:43

habs, love, i've PM'd you through the BLW forum...

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 21:31:53

God, I don't know, Aitch. Just seems like it shouldn't be this hard. I still know people with far worse stories than mine, tbh, and thank my own stars for my beautiful girl. (Thanks for sharing that delightful story, by the way. Didn't know it was possible to laugh and retch at the same time).

Thanks, Molly. Fingers crossed it's just the one, mind...

AitchTwoOhelicopterfraek Thu 24-Apr-08 21:35:49

it's not fair, i'm so pissed off for you. there was a woman on the EPT boards who had an ep then a molar pg and then a jolly, fat little boy i remember. she thought the sun and the moon shone from him, quite rightly. smile

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 21:46:08

Right back atcha on the PM, Aitch. Cannot get over just how bloody MARVELLOUS Ninewells have been - am in hero-worship mode for consultant once again.

AitchTwoOhelicopterfraek Thu 24-Apr-08 21:51:31

that's a huge thing, imo, respecting your HCPs, really aided my recovery. actually i should say really damaged my recovery from eps after loathing my HCPs...

expatinscotland Thu 24-Apr-08 21:52:43

nothing to add, hab. just sorry you went through this and glad you're getting good help.

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 22:04:23

It's silly stuff that helped - today, after all the detail, he was asking how we were, and then said "Are you still close to your mother and sister? You had lots of support from them last time, didn't you?". That was 3 years ago. It's not in my notes. How does he remember this stuff? I said as much, and the midwife nodded in sage fashion. He's a fucking star.

Habbibu Thu 24-Apr-08 22:05:02

Thanks, expat. You're another good-luck charm. Keep 'em coming, ladies.

BINAH Thu 24-Apr-08 22:12:43

Hi..did not want to read and run....My sister had a molar pregnancy and now is having her third child on saturday induced.she waited about 2 years befor ttc but had all 3 normal pregnacies and healthy babies.
also it may be possible that you have to be monitored throughly during and after your pregnancies specially hen you want to go on the pill because there might be issues related to hormonal problems after having a molar pregnancie.i truly hope that soon you have better news.if you want to talk, feel free to CAT me or e-mail me hug to you and your family.

AitchTwoOhelicopterfraek Thu 24-Apr-08 22:12:48

he sounds truly lovely, hab, that's great. i love my consultant for that as well. although when i visited my SiL in hosp last year he badgered me about my high BPm which i'd prefer he forgot about. hmm

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