Do you feel exhausted after an early miscarriage - for how long?

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MiMao Thu 03-Apr-08 19:49:49

Just been reading many of the posts under miscarriage.

My gp reckons I had early miscarriage around 4 weeks, (pos then neg test) since then I have been feeling so shattered that I am booked in to get blood tests next week.

I am totally exhausted and at times feel like I will faint.

Trying to take it easy for now and hope the blood tests will explain why i feel like this.

I just wondered if maybe the reason I am feeling like this is because maybe i did have early mc and that this is what happens after.

If so then at least I would feel relieved that these feelings of exhaustion are natural.

becaroo Thu 03-Apr-08 20:05:28

HOw long did you bleed for? If you lost a lot/bled for a while you could be anaemic.

I mc at 6 weeks in Dec but after the initial pain and bleeding for a week, felt fine physically.

Blood tests sound like a good idea and I would imagine they are doing an iron level check.

Good luck

montym Thu 03-Apr-08 20:06:35

Hi MiMao
I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks last Thursday and I am still exhausted. Your body has been through a lot and will take time to recover. Try to relax and be easy on yourself. Hope the blood tests turn out ok.

kazbeth Fri 04-Apr-08 15:13:22

I felt like this after my first one (at 12 weeks). It went on for a couple of weeks. I bled quite a lot so my doctor thought I might be anaemic but did blood tests and they came back fine. It seemed to get worse in the second week then eased off. I assume it was hormone related. At it's worst I could barely get off the sofa or climb the stairs so you have my utmost sympathy.

I've also had an early one but didn't have the same tiredness afterwards so I guess it just depends on each miscarriage and each person.

Hope you feel better soon and try to take it easy and get help if you can so you can just put your feet up.

MiMao Fri 04-Apr-08 18:42:53


i was two days late, tested - got faint pos then period started that night, only lasted 3.5 days and was very light so tested after and it was neg.

dont even know if the pos i got was true now since i have been made aware of evaporation lines.

gp reckons i had early miscarriage.

so the bleeding was light but i feel like i've been hit by a bus and it is 2 weeks later!

MiMao Sat 05-Apr-08 10:50:32


HairyToe Mon 07-Apr-08 15:32:27

MiMao I had 2 positive tests then my period arrived a day later. I out this down to a chemical pregnancy (where fertilised egg doesn't implant properly). I felt fine (though obviously disppointed) and have done ever since. I think the blood tests are probably a good idea. Could be anaemia or maybe a virus. I had post-viral fatigue syndrome once which made me very exhausted.

Have you been TTC long? How are you in yourself? Is it possible you could be suffering from depression? It can have a pronounced physical effect.

NatalieJane Mon 07-Apr-08 15:41:41

I had a MC at 6 weeks in January, after the initial pain and bleeding I did feel OK, mentally and phyiscally, but then for the last two weeks my belly has been very swollen, and I have been shattered, GP thinks the belly and the tirerdness is down to hormonal build up left over from the MC.

I wouldn't have linked the two at all, but now it kind of feels obvious. I suppose a MC takes more out of us than we think.

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