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Fundraising In loving memory of our son James

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vio Wed 12-Mar-08 01:57:32

Our son James was born on 28 Apr 2007, he sadly passed away on 11 Sep 2007, in our arms at Robin House ( Children's Hospice).
James was born with a rare genetic condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, he had the most severe form of EB and was fatal in infancy.
James skin was as fragile as butterfly wings, his skin broke at even the slightest touch, causing painful open blisters and wounds, the blistering was not limited to his skin, but also affected his inner body linings, such as his mouth and oesophagus. James was a very brave wee boy, he was a son we have always been proud of and it has been a privilege to be his parents. In loving memory of our son James Terrence Lynch ( Jim Jim ), we are going to do the Great Scottish Walk on 11 May 2008 in Glasgow, please support us by visiting our fundraising website, thank you very much!

luvaduck Wed 12-Mar-08 02:17:59

you are so brave. what a beautiful beautiful boy he was. am in floods of tears.
loads of luck to you

shabster Wed 12-Mar-08 06:49:08

No death so sad as that of a child.....

I know that pain. It is mental and physical raw pain. My thoughts and love go out to you. Jim Jim was very lucky to have you as his parents.

Well done re: Great Scottish Walk.

When my sons died I needed a focus, a reason to carry on. I was lucky that I had another son who needed me desperatly but I also fund raised for a dear friends child who has a rare illness. It helped and made me realise I was not the only one grieving.

I take my hat off to you - good luck, try to keep smiling and take care. smile

chocfest Wed 12-Mar-08 09:43:43

what a dreadfully sad story, that certainly brought a tear to my eye. You have all been so incredibly brave, and really hope you reach your target with the walk.

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 13:25:43

Thank you very much for your kind donation and kind words! I believe we can make this world a better place if we all try, thank you fellow mumsnetters!

shabster Wed 12-Mar-08 21:11:57

Not sure if it is of any help to you but, unfortunatly, I am part of a self help group called Compassionate Friends. It is run by bereaved parents for bereaved parents. The group helped my family so much after we lost our sons. If you are interested I would be more than pleased to post all the contact numbers here for you.

Thinking about you tonight smile

vio Wed 12-Mar-08 21:38:52

shabster, thanks for your kindness. We maintain regular contacts with parents we met at Robin House and also attended their meetings too. We often joke that we are in a parenting club which no parent wants to join!

There are ups and downs of couse and the pain never goes away, but I seem to have learned to appreciate life more then I used to, yes I do cry but I also smile.

Thank you again!!

shabster Wed 12-Mar-08 21:41:45

No problem love - it does help to be with others in the 'same boat' dosent it? If you ever need to talk I am always around - usually on the multiples thread.

Bereavment of a child really does change your outlook on everything - it is a life changing experience.

Take care, shout up if you need to gab, or scream, or cry, or laugh smile

vio Thu 13-Mar-08 12:16:51

Thanks very much shabster!

joanie1 Fri 14-Mar-08 12:21:34


Our daughter was stillborn at 42 weeks just 3 months ago at Christmas. DH and I had already decided that we would have a fundraiser every Christmas from now on as a positive way we, our friends and family could always remember our beautiful girl.

I think what you're doing is brave and wonderful and while you have brought tears to my eyes you've also put a smile on my face.

Will go straight to your link and donate and will forward to all my friends.

Good luck xxx

vio Fri 14-Mar-08 12:29:37

joanie, thank you so much! remind me when you do your fundraising in Dec!

It's hard, we both lost our children though our stories were exactly the same. They're angels, little angels came into the world to teach us all a lesson. x thanks again for your kindness and for helping us raising the awarness of this dreadful conditon, from the bottem of my heart!

shabster Fri 14-Mar-08 20:03:20

Oh ladies - so much sadness AND happiness AND bravery on this thread. My thoughts go out to anyone who has lost a child - no matter what age - no matter if miscarriage or stillbirth. I think we are doing good smile I suppose it is one step at a time. I also have a smile that I keep by the front door that I put on before I go out! smile

Thefearlessfreak Fri 14-Mar-08 20:12:34

I don't really know what to write; a very beautiful boy and beautiful letter to him. Very moving and humbling.
Lots of luck to you in your walk & thanks for sharing your experience. (I often go to the Debra charity shop here in Brighton and have read it's leaflets, but your story has made me understand so much more about the condition)

justjules Fri 14-Mar-08 20:23:51

hi vio,

good luck with the walk,

thinking of your beautiful boy x

vio Fri 14-Mar-08 20:33:48

Thank you for supporting us and DebRA. Thank you very very much fellow mums.

vio Sat 15-Mar-08 10:01:15

Thanks again!

vio Sun 16-Mar-08 18:01:04

please support us ladies, with your help,we can make EB curable one day!

Thefearlessfreak Sun 16-Mar-08 20:01:46


vio Mon 17-Mar-08 10:14:32

Thanks for bumping this thread! many thanks!

vio Tue 18-Mar-08 21:21:52

bump! good evening ladies

vio Thu 20-Mar-08 14:09:45

Good afternoono! bump

vio Fri 21-Mar-08 10:54:26

Happy Easter Everyone

vio Mon 31-Mar-08 13:51:56


vio Sat 05-Apr-08 20:56:23


vio Tue 22-Apr-08 22:31:35

bump! james 1st birthday is fast approaching, please kindly support us in any way you can! thank you very much ladies!!

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