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Physical Pain After Miscarriage.... Is This Normal?

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JeremyVile Sun 03-Feb-08 21:56:03

My lovely sister has had a miscarriage.
She started bleeding early friday and was confirmed same day at hospital.
She was 12weeks but they said that the baby had gone at just over 7 weeks.
It's devestating as she had trouble conceiving but other than all that, I am just a bit concerned as she said she is in a lot of pain and having trouble getting around. She is the type to not want to 'bother' doctors, she has said she will ring NHS direct tomorrow if no improvement but she may well talk herself out of it.

Is it normal, or to be expected that a lot of physical pain will follow a M/C?

I feel so crap and useless, I'm too far away, I suppose I just want to help or advise if I can.

AlistairSim Sun 03-Feb-08 22:00:04

I m/c at 12 weeks and had to be hospitalised. Was in severe pain, couldn't talk through the pain and was bleeding very heavily.

I had to be on a drip to keep my fluids up and give me pain relief.

That's helpful, huh?

I suppose what I'm trying to say in my cackhanded way is that although some pain is to be expected, severe pain shouldn't be ignored.

Your poor sister sad

JeremyVile Sun 03-Feb-08 22:31:09

Oh, AS, what an ordeal that must have been for you.
It does help, as I just want to feel I can nag her if necessary without feeling like I'm over-reacting!

JeremyVile Sun 03-Feb-08 22:33:33

Was it recent?

AlistairSim Mon 04-Feb-08 08:32:34

It was about four years ago now but still a very clear memory.

I really do feel for your sister and for you, it's such an awful thing to watch a loved one go through and feel as if there's nothing you can do to help.

I'm sure she'll need you so much in the next few weeks/months.

belgo Mon 04-Feb-08 08:36:41

she should see a doctor. as alistarisim says, severe pain shouldn't be ignored.

JeremyVile Mon 04-Feb-08 23:57:20

Thanks Belgo, and AS, I'm really touched that you shared your experience, thank you.

She does seem brighter today, so hopefully all is fine (physically)after a really unpleasnt and upsetting few days for her.

Not too thrilled that she is thinking of going back to work tomorow though.

Shellyedin Tue 05-Feb-08 12:02:38

Hi Jeremy

I am currently going through the same thing and was told on Friday at the hospital that I was having another miscarriage.

The hospital should have given your sister pain relief tablets to take away with her to try and ease the pain that comes with a miscarriage which can be quite a bit of cramping and bleeding.

I hope she is on the mend soon thou but should not rush back to work.


JeremyVile Tue 05-Feb-08 16:25:48

Shellyedin - So sorry about what you are going through. I only realise now, with my sister going through it, just how gut-wrenching and unfair the whole thing is.

I really, really hope things get better for you soon X

kd73 Thu 07-Feb-08 17:35:22


I hope this will help, but after 2nd painful m/c I sought medical advice and was told I could take paracetamol and codeine which can be bought in Boots.

Whilst I do not recommend self medicating, if in pain please seek medical advice and ask about pain relief - do not suffer!

LardyMardyDaisy Thu 07-Feb-08 17:40:41

I MCd at 11 weeks two years ago, and was in quite a lot of pain; worse than period cramps but not as bad as early contractions iyswim.

I was given co-codamol from the hospital, and told I could also take ibuprofen as well.

She should get it checked out though, incase there is any other reason than just the usual cramps associated with MC.

I'm really sorry for her loss sad, and hope she is doing OK; it's a horrible experience.

does she MN? lots and lots of support here for her if she does.

Gemzooks Thu 07-Feb-08 22:27:14

I recently mc naturally at 12 weeks and it was bloody painful, like mid-labour for me.. However I don't think the very bad pains should continue for long, the miscarriage happens then they stop. If she has fever or continued pain, she should definitely consult the doctor as it coudl be an infection.. also you do really need to rest for 4-5 days, it is so tiring and you lose loads of blood.. hope she can get a rest and it all goes ok for her..

kd73 Sat 09-Feb-08 15:14:37

Following on from the earlier comments I wouldn't take ibuprofen, which is not recommended in pregnancy.

Paracetamol and codeine is also known co-codamol so would stick with that one.

This is based on medical advice provided in Jan 08 when i asked could i take ibuprofen as a painkiller.

pinguin Sat 09-Feb-08 15:27:20

Oops... I just finished a m/c and was taking ibuprofen right through the contractions. I thought that ibuprofen was only harmful to the baby during pregnancy? Oh well.

Wish I'd known beforehand how painful it was going to be. Dr Miriam's bloody book said "something resembling period pain". Yeah right Miriam, it resembled period pain in that it was in my abdomen. Otherwise... I don't usually spend the first day of my period pacing the floor swearing and feeling like I'm going to pass out.

FirstTimeMum40 Mon 04-Jul-16 04:34:11

Found out yesterday my 11
I'm in excruciating pain waking up rolling around bed. Was given painkillers yesterday but all chemists were closed. I was 11 weeks 1 day pregnant & found out it died at 7 weeks. :,-(

I'm meant to be going abroad in 2 days (2 hour flight) in a warm destination but oh my word I've never had pain like this.

I don't know whether to go back to hospital or try painkillers when chemist opens in 4 hours

Can't cope with this pain sad

JOMH1982 Mon 04-Jul-16 07:04:33

How are you now? You poor thing. Miscarriage is horrendous. Try and get an emergency gp appointment for some assistance with pain relief and take it from there. I wish you all the very best xx

FirstTimeMum40 Tue 05-Jul-16 03:33:12

Thanks for your reply Jomh :-)
I ended up calling an ambulance as I was in tears; couldn't get comfortable at all. I was given gas which helped, but still had the severe pain. I was then given morphine which really sorted me out.
Thanks to the posts on here I asked if I could have the procedure done whilst in hospital. In the meantime my lovely sister visited me in hospital & brought me food (hadn't eaten since day before).
Turns out I was having contractions - pain was getting worse as time went on. My body was rejecting my bubba :-( (also heavy bleeding) it was very sad.
The staff at the hospital were AMAZING - they saw how distraught I was and was there for me every step of the way. Once I had everything removed I was no longer in severe pain... I am now left with the emotional pain. :'-(
I'm on codine (was a bit out of it yesterday) which is helping & antibiotics (I had manual removal by surgery - as I was eating & would have had to wait an additional 6 hours).
I was sent home yesterday and I am grateful for the support of my family & friends and of the people on here. To know that you are not alone in this is a great help. Doesn't ease the pain but it helps.
I'm glad I had the procedure; rather than wait naturally (didn't like the idea of bubba going down the toilet).
Thank you all for sharing your stories and helping me in this difficult time... I'm actually looking forward to becoming a mum, it wasn't meant to be this time. Who knows what the future will hold...
Good luck to all out there :-) xx

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