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Surgical management not offered due to Covid

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JandL2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 13:00:09

My trust are not offering this option. I am so frustrated/sad. I’m just wondering if anyone else is in this situation? I’m looking to go private as it’s the option I really want. X

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VenusStarr Wed 28-Oct-20 14:03:00

I'm sorry this is happening @JandL2020 ❤️

I had a missed miscarriage a few weeks ago and was sent away from the hospital for expectant management. This was my 4th loss and we wanted to have the baby tested, so I contacted Tommy's based at a different hospital under a different ccg and they agreed to see me. I did have to have another scan as it was the first time they'd seen me (despite my scan notes being requested and sent over). I had medical management and passed the pregnancy that evening. The new hospital were only able to offer an mva under local and I didn't feel I could do that.

Is there another hospital you could contact? X

JandL2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 14:27:44

@VenusStarr so sorry to hear about your losses. I’ve made a few enquires I’m just waiting to hear back from the private options/cost 😬 just seems so unfair xx

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VenusStarr Wed 28-Oct-20 16:57:54

It's really unfair @JandL2020 I hope you can get the right treatment (and hopefully you don't have to pay) xx

Rumples Wed 28-Oct-20 18:41:38

Hi @JandL2020

I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and I was pushed towards medical management due to Covid. However, surgical was an option if I really really wanted it. I went with medical in the end.

Sorry you're having this to deal with on top of the miscarriage. Hopefully going private isn't too expensive.

JandL2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 18:43:39

@Rumples sorry for your loss 😢 the surgery is over 2k not including the consultation. 😭 xx

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gypsywater Wed 28-Oct-20 18:44:59

My recent MMC happened naturally in the end, but my plan was to go private as I wanted surgical and under GA. Its very pricey but better than a bloody MCA under local so well worth it. Best of luck OP.

leftitlate37 Thu 29-Oct-20 11:51:34

sorry to hear this @JandL2020 sad as @VenusStarr says is there the option to contact another Trust?
we found out friday at a private scan we had a MMC and cos i couldnt get into my trust til wednesday for a confirmation scan, we went to EPAU at another trust on sunday and they offer different options for MMC to my original trust.
if surgical isnt an option what about asking about MVA under local? I hadnt realised that was available until advised by the nurse. Although ive had the decision taken out of my hands by nature taking its course, i was probably going to go with this option. hopefully nature may do its stuff with you too so u dont have to make a hard decision.
it may not help but theres some good info on here I found:
thinking of u x

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