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So many unknowns after miscarriage

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Emilu89 Thu 22-Oct-20 18:42:17

Hi Everyone,
I've never posted before so bare with me!
I miscarried last week at 12 +4 (baby heartbeat stopped roughly 11+4)
I had some extreme heavy bleeding and was diagnosed with an extremely large subchorionic hematoma. However baby was measuring perfectly with a strong heartbeat. 5 days later I had more heavy bleeding, I was hoping it was just the hematoma shrinking but sadly learned it was a miscarriage.
As I was already an inpatient in hospital I decided to have medical management straight away so that I could get home ASAP to my husband and little girl. I had the pessaries inserted at 5pm and then had to take tablets orally every 2/3 hours. Personally I didn't experience much pain, just mild tummy ache. I did throw up once which I was warned was likely. At 5am it was like a pop sensation with alot of blood and as I stood up to go to the toilet lots of blood and clots felt like we're falling out. The amazing nurses gave me a bed pan and I gave the littlest push and out popped the sac, formed little baby and whatever else (there was alot!) and to be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting it to be so graphic.
The doctor confirmed I had passed everything, bleeding was manageable and off I went home.
Since being home it's been hard to find a happy balance. I can't walk too much because I feel sore down below and like my pelvic area is bruised? No idea if that's normal? I experienced alot of heavy bleeding 5 days after and lots of clots one of which (sorry tmi) got a little stuck. It did eventually pass but since last night I've felt like there's still something there. I rang my EPU who advised its a normal feeling and bleeding and clots will probably pick up again. Just wondering if anyone else has had this feeling and what did you do? I have no pain or fever and the actual bleeding has slowed right down, it's just a weird uncomfortable feeling! I just feel fed up, I naively thought I'd just have period type bleeding with clots. It's like a long drawn out method of torture and sadness that we keep having to endure!

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leftitlate37 Sun 25-Oct-20 20:07:39

hey @Emilu89 - new onto this board of MN as well having found myself transitioned over sad so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I don't have any advice i'm afraid but just wanted to get in touch after reading your post.
im prob going to have to do something similar to you, meant to be 11 weeks but only measued 6 with no heartbeat. altho got another scan next week for them to confirm just weighing up options and was thinking medical management. Altho my concern was kinda what you just said! a long drawn out method of torture and sadness sad so sorry it's been going on so long for you.
I hopethe bleeding and weird feeling stops soon, thinking of u x

Emilu89 Fri 06-Nov-20 16:55:29

I'm so sorry @leftitlate37 I didn't get the notification of your response. How are you doing? I'm so sorry to read your sad news, are you feeling OK? Did you decide on what option was best for you?
It all just feels cruel. Unfortunately medical management didn't work fully for me. After 3 weeks I started (out the blue) with contractions. Being an anxious person I genuinely thought I had some raging infection that I'd missed and that I was going to die lol. They did wear off after about an hour but all day I was on edge. I was still bleeding and had faint positive pregnancy test so I rang my EPU who arranged a scan for me. I went to my scan thinking I'd be told it was all just part and parcel of the while process, but no, there was still quite a large amount of "product" left behind. I genuinely wonder how much 'stuff' we have because blooming heck the first time I passed a hell of a lot! Anyway I was given the option to, do nothing, take the tablets again or have surgery. I couldn't do nothing,, I contemplated the tablets again but ended up having the surgery I decided to go for an MVA because I was petrified of having a general anaesthetic when it was so out the blue and my little girl had no idea where I was (anxiety again I couldn't bare the thought of her thinking I'd dropped her off at school and then not coming back!) I've read so many reassuring stories on here. The unknown is scary. But I've definitely realised as women we are so strong, we go through so much and yet we still keep going! Our stories are all so different but we all come together. If anyone reads this in the future and has any questions please ask away. And i hope this all gets better for us all. 🌈💜

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Cornflake24 Sun 15-Nov-20 16:21:01

@Emilu89 I went through something similar, I had the MVA to start and so much came out, I was bruised and tender couldn't really walk around to much for a week or so then two weeks later I started bleeding and passing massive clots (golf ball sized) ended up passing out and going to A&E got antibiotics for an infection and got another scan a few days later, the midwife actually said wow during the scan because my womb was so full of tissue, a few days later I was in crazy pain for about 7 hours had contractions lasting about a min and a half then a min and a half off. I was throwing up and passing out after cramps, ended up back at A&E, turned out due to swelling from the MVA I had a blocked cervix, the doctor removed the blockage and told me to call for another scan. Still alot of tissue left and I then miscarriaged over the following 2 weeks. Was around a month after finding out before it was over and I finally got a negative pregnancy test.

Emotionally it didn't hit me until that point

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