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KM89 Thu 08-Oct-20 18:46:03

Thanks for replyingsmile , wow 6-8 weeks thats regular and good to know at least. Im due a FBC next week as I was very low in iron after the miscarriage so I think they will just blame my iron levels for now. I think I will get my iron done then request my thyroid checked smile

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bibs124 Thu 08-Oct-20 15:43:15

I would just put it on to the doctor and say you're feeling really tired etc and ask for another blood test?

Think 12 months is far too long to wait. During pregnancy my levels are being checked every 6-8 weeks so it is really important your levels are correct.

Hope you get it sorted.. sorry I can't help with numbers etc I've had UAT for 10 years but still can't get my head around it

KM89 Thu 08-Oct-20 15:33:17

Hey everyone.

I've recently had a MMC, about 2 months or so before I fell pregnant I had a private blood test done which showed low FT4 but normal TSH. I rang the drs at the time and they were not concerned at all with the results, just said to monitor it in 12 months time. After finding out i was pregnant I mentioned it to the Midwife who didn't seem concerned either.

My drs in general are pretty useless tbh I would like it checking again, im paranoid it may of played a part in why I misscarried and I am TTC again. Is this possible even though it was only borderline?

Does anyone have any experience with thyroid problems and at what point they would consider treatment?

Results from 6 months ago:
TSH - 3.7 normal (however I have read 2.5 is optimal for pregnancy)
FT4 - 10.6 low

I will probably just pay for another private test to get it checked again as I fully doubt my dr will bother checking it for me. I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience.

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