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Could I be miscarrying one triplet or all three?

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abbytink Sat 03-Oct-20 19:07:59

Hi everyone
Struggling to find many who've been through this so wondered if anyone had...
I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago. HCG levels from the test very high instantly and symptoms strong from the second I found out. About a week ago I started spotting, just brown and only when I wiped, but I was concerned as any first time pregnant women are! I booked an early scan at EPU to find out that I had three gestational sacs, but not big enough to have yolk sacs or embryos yet. So I was either much earlier than I thought I was, or slow developers, or they just stopped growing at 4-5 weeks. One sac 6mm, one 5mm and one 3mm. Today i started bleeding fresh red blood and very bad cramps. Not heavy yet, but enough for me to be 99% sure I'm miscarrying. Has anyone had an early scan to find out they're carrying multiples, to then miscarry and find out they still have one baby? I rang the EPU and they said anything could be happening, could be nothing, could be miscarrying one, two or all three. I've come to terms with the possibilities and have another scan booked in a week and a half anyway which will tell me what's going on, just wondered if anyone else had a similar story? My gut is telling me I'm miscarrying all due to the fact they were all smaller than expected, but holding onto a bit of hope.
Thanks so much guys x

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BingoGo Sat 03-Oct-20 19:20:21

Sorry OP. I cannot tell you if you're miscarrying them all or one or two, but yes it does unfortunately sound like you're going through a miscarriage.
I had pains around 7+ weeks, lasted from morning until afternoon, and the day after I began spotting. Then after a few days lumps came out. On the Monday I had an ultrasound that said the baby was still in there but there was no longer a heartbeat. (we had seen it a few days before the cramps began). The next day I had surgery to have the baby removed
I'm sorry you're going through this. I sincerely hope the best for you and your story isn't like mine. Although I'm not sure to get your hopes up.

CactusForever Sat 03-Oct-20 19:26:04

I'm really so sorry. I've had 3 mc and all were horrible. It's the uncertainty that is the worst. Unfortunately all you can do is take good care of yourself and do anything comforting that you can until the next scan.

I personally found my mc very upsetting and found people ignorant or flippant. I felt happiest getting signed off work and escaping into good books and films. I just want to send you love 💕

Frazzled13 Sat 03-Oct-20 19:31:12

I’m so sorry.
I do know someone who found out they were carrying triplets and then miscarried one - not sure exactly when but it was before 12 weeks.
Obviously there’s no way to know without a scan though flowers

CactusForever Mon 05-Oct-20 11:57:27

How are you doing @abbytink?

abbytink Mon 05-Oct-20 12:08:37

Thanks so much for your comments everyone ❤. Struggling with a natural miscarriage, more painful and drawn out than anyone ever tells you! And as I'm guessing that I'm miscarrying three I'm assuming that's making it all a bit worse. Bleeding isn't heavy and hasn't been, but I don't get heavy periods anyway. It's really tough and the EPU have said no point getting a scan any earlier than in a week and a half from now as they won't be able to properly diagnose anything and it would prolong it all even more. Tough times, in awe of any women who've been through this. Physically and emotionally really difficult. ❤ Thanks for the comments everyone.

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CactusForever Mon 05-Oct-20 21:00:59

My experience of the natural process was similar @abbytink. Are you able to get some time off work, and good support? It gets better after this bit is over. I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm sending love flowers.

abbytink Mon 05-Oct-20 21:35:31

Thank you @CactusForever ❤. Got some wonderful support. The one silver lining is it's brought me and my OH closer. He's been wonderful. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience too, really it is one of the most under-discussed, challenging experiences I've been though and shocked that so few people talk about it. In awe of all women who go through it, we're tough creatures aren't we. 💪

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PurplePansy05 Mon 05-Oct-20 21:45:43

OP, I had three miscarriages (medically managed, natural and MVA-managed). All were pretty awful, but the first one was horrendous. People don't get it until they go through it.

If you found out 3 wks ago that makes you around 7 wks now yes? If that's the case and with your symptoms the EPU should scan you asap. It's not a waste of time because at this stage heartbeats should be detectable. If none are detected, it should give you an idea of what's going on and what is going to happen next. You'll likely need more than one scan so it's best to have the first one sooner than later.

A friend of mine lost twins to a MC. Her natural MC started and she thought it completed but it turns out she had retained products. This wouldn't be uncommon in multiple pregnancy MC. This is another reason why it would be best to have the scan and monitor what is going on.

Unfortunately there's no way of knowing if all of your babies are affected or not until you have the scan. I'm so sorry, OP. It's a horrid experience flowers

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