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Lower abdominal pain 2-3 weeks after early miscarriage

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MariaC03 Sun 23-Aug-20 16:21:28


First time here!

I have had 2 consecutive early losses in the last few months. Both times I have been 4-5 weeks, I got a positive test and started bleeding the day after. My doctor has called them late periods and not miscarriages, I get this but both times this has happened I have had cramps/back ache and then bled for 2-3 weeks after, I must have been a little bit pregnant?

Anyway, this second time I stopped bleeding About 4 days ago, ever since I have had a tugging, stitch, pressure type feeling in my lower abdomen, it sometimes feels like if I make a sudden move my insides are going to fall out! Has anyone else had this with such an early loss? And if so has it just gone away or did you have any issues?

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