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Brown discharge and spotting 5 weeks pregnant

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hollieholmes26 Tue 28-Jul-20 14:56:42

I've had two previous miscarriages. Last October at exactly 6 weeks and the September before that at 5 wks + 4. The first one started with severe lower back pain then heavy bleeding and the second with stomach cramping then heavy bleeding.
I'm now 5 wks + 1 and since Sunday night I've had brown discharge each time I wipe. Just as it seems to be stopping I have some dark red blood then back to the discharge. I haven't noticed any clots or stringy tissue yet!! I've spoken to my gp and the midwives but because I'm not yet 6 weeks there is nothing they can do yet so I've been told to wait it out until Monday. (But I have been signed off work for 2 weeks so I can rest).
I guess I'm just looking for some positive stories from anyone who has been through similar. Some hope that this may not be a miscarriage. I know the odds are against me, but until I'm told for definite I can't believe it. It's so different to the first two, I just don't know what to think 😢😢

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NotMaryWhitehouse Mon 03-Aug-20 11:57:52

How are you doing @hollieholmes26 ?

hollieholmes26 Mon 03-Aug-20 12:15:53

Hi @NotMaryWhitehouse. Not so great. 48hours after I posted I started to bleed heavily and passing clots. Today I've had my second negative pregnancy test and I have a scan tomorrow which will confirm what I already know, that I've lost the baby 😢😢. Thank you for asking xx

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NotMaryWhitehouse Mon 03-Aug-20 13:15:20

I'm sorry to hear that, Hollie. Yes also had a miscarriage last October and believe I'm having a thirds miscarriage today. Booked into EPAU to confirm tomorrow.

Take it easy, it's so so hard and feels just massively unfair, but you're not alone. ✊🏻

hollieholmes26 Mon 03-Aug-20 14:22:56

It is so hard, you don't believe that life can be so cruel. I'm under a consultant, starting tests soon. Hopefully they will have some answers.
Same to you, get plenty of rest and look after yourself. Xx

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