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Provera / Medroxyprogesterone prescribed as still spotting/bleeding 9 weeks after miscarriage?

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Lemondropsandgumdrops Mon 27-Jul-20 20:43:24

I lost my baby on the 20th May. Heavy bleeding and a hospital admission where they gave me a dose of tranexamic acid and I had a speculum exam by one of the gynae doctors. He manually removed the pregnancy sac remains and advised bleeding would likely slow down, which it did. Bled like a period for about 3 days then slowed down to light/spotting and stopped by about day 10. A week and a half later I started spotting again - initially barely there but then everytime I wiped it was there, although didn’t require a pad. After 4 weeks had an internal scan to check for remains and was clear. Had a course of antibiotics and treatment for thrush.

Bleeding finally stopped after about 5/6 weeks, then a week or so it started again. Varies from dark brown to bright red, mucousy, sometimes I need a pad sometimes I don’t. Definitely not a period.

Today have been scheduled for a blood test for Thursday and also given a prescription for 20mg of Provera daily for 20 days, have a 5 day break, then another 20mg daily for 20 days.

I am feeling so down about it all at the moment. I just desperately want to be able to TTC again. It’s been 69 days since the loss, no ovulating (been doing daily OPKs to check), no period, and now I know we can’t TTC until this medication has finished. Just really struggling tonight and wondering if anyone has had similar.

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