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No third period after pregnancy loss? So worried

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Ralla Tue 21-Jul-20 11:03:54

I had an early pregnancy loss. Bled for two ish weeks lightly. Then around four weeks later had the next period, and again four weeks after that another.

Now the third one I’m on cycle day 35 and no sign. I’m so worried. Why would this happen? I did get a feeling I had ovulated later than usual this cycle but again why would that happen on the third period?

I am so scared and worried

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katiemc89 Wed 22-Jul-20 07:45:20

Try not to be scared. I am currently going through my MC so I do not have any experiences to offer but periods lengths can differ for many reasons. Mine were like clock work but I randomly had a cycle that was almost a week longer than my usual, the next was 4 days shorter.

Or is there a possibility you could be pregnant again? X

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