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miscarriage and trying again

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KatB259 Wed 08-Jul-20 20:15:04

Hi everyone, just want to hear some happy stories and to find out if I'm OK to be feeling the way I do.
I had a mmc at 6 weeks pregnant, it was my first pregnancy and I thought everything was going well, all symptoms etc. Went for a scan as I had slight bleed an got told it wasn't at what we thought. Thankfully they gave me a scan photo of my baby bean before baby left me. I was distraught and felt like my world had ended.
It has now been 6 weeks since I went through the miscarriage and I've spent this time getting my body back to normal, I'm eating healthy, taking folic acid doing anything I can to help for next time. My period turned up on time an im now fully back to being me again. I still have very sad days when I see babies an pregnant women and it hurts because I'm wishing it was me an comparing what I should be. The only thing that seems to be helping me is getting myself prepped for next time and I'm now focusing on trying again as it is everything I want. I would like advice on if its too early or if I'm normal to want this.
I will never forget my baby bean, but I want to think positive and have a baby sister or brother for my baby bean.
Thank you for taking time to read. Any positive stories would be so lovely to hear. Xxx smile

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Northernsoul90 Wed 08-Jul-20 22:24:59

Hello @KatB259 I’m really sorry for your loss it is such a heartbreaking thing to go through. I am glad you are feeling yourself now though and you seem to be doing all of the right things in getting prepared to conceive again. I had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks with my first pregnancy at the start of June and the thought of ttc again is the only thing that has got me through this time. Unless you have been given a specific medical reason to not conceive again it is fine to start trying straight away - doctors will advise you wait until after your first period (mainly for dating reasons) but you have had yours anyway so there should be no reason as to why you can’t start trying again 😊. It is perfectly normal to want to try again soon after - I am desperate to be pregnant again. There is a ttc after miscarriage board that I am on with lots of lovely ladies who have been through similar experiences I will link it here -

It’s just somewhere we can support each other and give advice on ttc everyone is really friendly so if you want to hear from others that is a good place to start ☺️. Wishing you the best of luck in your ttc journey xxx

KatB259 Wed 08-Jul-20 22:54:52

Thank you so much, its good to hear I'm not the only one that feels that way. Sorry for your loss and I totally understand how you feel about trying again. Its almost like having that baby for the shortest time, just woke me up an made me realize how much i want a baby and now I will do whatever I can to help it happen.
I have just bookmarked the other page, thank you again 😊

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HollyBen Wed 08-Jul-20 23:00:26

Everything you are feeling is completely normal. My journey - pregnancy 1 ended in mc at 8 week no 2 is now 9 and full of attitude, no 3 m/c at 6 weeks, no 4 is now 5. I had the bump envy, the way isn't that me, what did I so wrong, time to move on, I am a bad person for wanting to move on, here we go again, will I never be 'normal' again. The TTC after mc was a life saver to me. Good luck xx

KatB259 Wed 08-Jul-20 23:16:50

Thats everything that I feel, all them thoughts have been in my head. I also find its everywhere, all over the tele, on Facebook, at work. I feel like having this control over eating healthy an taking folic acid is my way of dealing with it, doesn't stop me having bad days though.
So happy to hear you have gorgeous children in your life, they definitely make everything brighter xxx

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