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Pregnancy remains test results

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Longingtobeamumforlong Sun 05-Jul-20 23:07:38

Hi, did any of you have pregnancy remains tested for genetic or chromosomal abnormalities via NHS? What could be the possible results? How long did it take to get the report? Many thanks.

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Quail15 Mon 06-Jul-20 06:55:08

Hi I had a d&c 10 days ago and had the 'remains' of my twins sent off for testing.

I was told I would have the results in 4-6 weeks but I'm not sure if everything has slowed down due to covid?

I would be interested to hear what sort of results could come back - although I was warned that the likely outcome is that they won't find any cause which will be frustrating.

Longingtobeamumforlong Mon 06-Jul-20 09:03:20

Hi @Quail15, that’s what I have been told too. Do u mind to share what’s ur plan now? Will you wait for the testing at recurrent miscarriage clinic, pay privately for testing or try straight away? I am 38 without any living kids, so really don’t want to waste time but at the time time worry to have another MC. Thank you.

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GrimDamnFanjo Mon 06-Jul-20 09:12:22

Not quite the same but my husband and I had chromosome tests to check if there was a contributing factor behind our two mc. This was via a nhs miscarriage clinic and took quite a long time iirc due to the nature of the tests.
We were fortunate as we were able to access a range of investigations after two mc. I was about 36.
My advice would be to try and get a referral with nhs or private to get some checks done if possible.

GrimDamnFanjo Mon 06-Jul-20 09:13:51

Forgot to add thy at they didn't find anything obvious with our dna combination which may have caused the mc.

Longingtobeamumforlong Mon 06-Jul-20 12:08:15

Hi @GrimDamnFanjo, do u mind to tell me how long was the wait for NHS and how long does the test / results take? Did u have blood test and anything else to identify any issues / solution etc? Agreed should find out the reason first but not able to TTC is making me feel like wasting time. But seems like I don’t have a choice but wait... so depressing. sad

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DaisyBank82 Mon 06-Jul-20 12:09:15

I had a mmc in 2017 and my consultant referred the remains for tests as it followed on the back of my daughter's stillbirth which had happened at 32 weeks earlier in the same year with no known cause. The MMC was in August and I got the results in October. In that case I found out the miscarried baby had Trisomy 15. This was a random event (not something which was genetic on mine or my husband's side) and it was pretty much impossible that this pregnancy could have been viable. In my case knowing the result was somewhat reassuring as I was advised there was no reason not to try to conceive again. We did and I conceived in December and my son was born in August the following year. I hope you get some sense of closure from the results. We did not with my daughter's stillbirth and I still think about why this happened, and about her, every day.

Longingtobeamumforlong Mon 06-Jul-20 12:14:41

Hi @DaisyBank82, I am sorry to hear about that but thank you for sharing your experience. Glad to hear u have ur son now! I agreed having an answer would be helpful but I worried all these tests would come back normal and months are wasted for waiting tests/results. It also won’t help to alleviate my anxiety about next pregnancy (if happens)... I feel so shit!

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GrimDamnFanjo Mon 06-Jul-20 13:51:19

I was very fortunate as I was seen straight away by Queen Elizabeths in Glasgow where I was living at the time.
Both my m/c were unusual as they presented as ectopic - the first treated with methrotrexate, second via surgery but no pregnancy located!
I then had about 12-18 months of tests including cycle monitoring, blood tests, husband had sperm test. All while ttc. Bear in mind that I had 3 pg in 8 yrs - first no problem - but the couldnt conceive or seem to get pg.
Finally had a dose of clomid on the nhs and got pg at my 6th clomid cycle with DD.
The unit which saw me did a lot of the work reducing the load on the fertility clinic as they organised all the obvious tests and non-invasive treatments before iui/ivf referral. They were also part of several early loss treatment trials.
When I did get pregnant I was placed on a reassurance programme for about 14 weeks with several scans which helped a lot with my mental health.
My advice would be to continue trying but try to see a consultant because of your age. The website was very helpful.

GrimDamnFanjo Mon 06-Jul-20 13:52:34

sorry should read as 1 pg no problem, live birth, then only x2 mc/pg in 8 yrs.

Longingtobeamumforlong Mon 06-Jul-20 22:01:16

Many thanks for your sharing, @GrimDamnFanjo. Glad that to know you have good outcome. I was being told the blood test cannot not be done if I am pregnant, so I need to stop TTC if I want to go through the investigation, right?

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