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D&C or medical management

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Quail15 Fri 03-Jul-20 21:12:22

Hi sorry for your loss.
I had a D&C last Friday. It was my 3rd mc and I wasn't emotionally strong enough to go through another natural MC. I also wanted to send the remains off to be tested to see if there is a reason for my MC.

The D&c was fine, over with really quickly. No pain and I've just had light spotting for the last week. I was very tired straight after the procedure but fine the next day (I took my nephew to the zoo the day after).

I hope what ever you decide goes well X x

Candyflosscrochet Fri 03-Jul-20 11:48:16

Hi there,
I'm sorry you are going through this.
I have attached a link to my post regarding an mva....basically a d&c under local anaesthetic and seems to be the preferred option given the current restrictions in hospitals regarding covid.

I hope it is some help to you and helps you make an informed decision.
Obviously you haven't stated how far along in your pregnancy you are and I am aware that at different stages some options may be preferred, but an mva seems to be offered for almost all stages in the first trimester.

I hope whatever you decide you have the support you need.....I have found a lot of comfort on here.
Take care of yourself.

BirdieDance Thu 02-Jul-20 18:04:15

First I'm really sorry and hope you're ok.
I had a MMC 15 years ago and had a D and C. The operation was fine, no issues really. I chose it because I was not emotionally able to cope with a medical management. The D and C meant it was dealt with for me if that makes sense.
It's awful though whatever you choose. Thinking of you as you go through the next few days and weeks thanks

Sophj19 Thu 02-Jul-20 16:58:19

I’m currently going through my 3rd MMC. My second scan is on Wednesday and if I don’t pass the pregnancy by then- don’t think I will had not bleeding or loss or symptoms, then I’ll have to decide on what treatment. Depending on if they can send the tissue away for testing i was going to have a d&c if they can as if you have the tablets they will keep you in hospital until you pass it and if they can’t send the tissue away then I was going to have to tablets. Can anyone share their experience of either treatment please?

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