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Pregnancy loss

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notpsychic Tue 07-Jul-20 01:40:08

Congrats on your pregnancy. All pregnancies have a 20% chance of MC. Increase with age. A quick google will help you find the stats easily.

Mumtobexo Wed 01-Jul-20 19:41:04

Hey everyone

What are the chances of miscarriage at an early stage?

I went to a private scan and at the time would've been 6 weeks and 2 days. The lady told me my baby's heart beat is strong and baby is as healthy as they come however the following week I was told I was 7 weeks and 5 days and of course the dates are different (first pregnancy) ideally have to wait for the 12 week scan. Either way the scan was of course very early and baby's heart was strong even then.

Just wanted too know are the chances of losing baby? If the heart beat is strong and baby is healthy? This will be my first pregnancy.

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