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Clear blue weeks indicator

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Anon9990 Tue 30-Jun-20 18:31:37

I’m a fiend for POAS (pee on a stick) this pregnancy as my last one sadly ended in MC (miscarriage) at 6+1
I am (hopefully still) 6+3 today...
On Friday I done a CB and it showed 3+, this afternoon it’s showing 2-3.
Does anyone have any experience of this positive or negative? I’d like to be prepared.

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Ranoutofgoodnames Tue 30-Jun-20 19:26:24

I am sorry I don’t but watching with interest as my clear blue digitals aren’t going up as quickly as they should xx

jbee1979 Tue 30-Jun-20 19:49:40

Don't test, don't waste money on more digitals, they're not designed to detect a miscarriage. I have been in the same boat, MMC, chemical, then pregnant with my now 5 year old.

3+ going to 2-3 doesn't have to be a disaster. It could be to go with the concentration of your wee.

I had awful anxiety with my successful pregnancy, and as a result, I will never be pregnant again. I tried to tell myself, either this will be okay, or this won't be okay, either way, I will get through it. Please be kind to yourself and try to enjoy being pregnant. Easier said than done, I know xx

Anon9990 Tue 30-Jun-20 20:24:22

Thanks for your replies.
I’m a nervous anxious wreck... just horrible!
I’ve booked an early scan for sat, I know it’s just a ‘snapshot of time’ but just need to know how things are.
Supposed to be a joyous time eh!
Thanks again x

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Northernsoul90 Wed 01-Jul-20 19:07:20

Hi OP I haven’t had experience of this however when I was pregnant I too was obsessed with testing - I was so excited that the lines were getting darker and I kept buying cb tests and each time the weeks progressed as I wanted. I went for an early scan at 8 weeks and was told I had had a mmc (blighted ovum which means baby never really progressed into an embryo even) but my hormones were still getting stronger. It was a massive shock as I was convinced from the tests and my sickness that all was fine. Please don’t take cb tests as an indicator of a healthy pregnancy and getting hung up on testing - I know it’s so hard not to especially after a mc but all the worry in the world can’t change anything. As long as you have no bleeding or significant cramps try not to get too stressed. The weeks may have changed because of the concentration of urine, time of day or a faulty test. I think the early scan is a good idea, wishing you all the best and hope all is well 💖

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