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6wks nothing on US, 3 previous losses

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nervousafterloss Sun 28-Jun-20 02:22:54

Hi guys, I’m new to posting but it seems that many of you are in situations similar to mine. We have did one IVF retrieval and transfered 4 times for male factor infertility— first fresh was a missed miscarriage found at 16 weeks, Trisomy 21; second frozen was a chemical pregnancy; third frozen was a missed miscarriage found at 8 weeks, Trisomy 22. We then did genetic testing on our remaining embryos and, for the fourth try, transferred one chromosomally normal frozen 5 day blastocyst. After that, things get complicated. Here are my early blood draws, which doubled as they should but started a little lower than expected:

9dp5dt (14 dpo for non-IVFers) HCG 27
11dp5dt HCG 54
13dp5dt HCG 129.5
15dp5dt HCG 269.5

Now, at exactly 6 weeks we had transvaginal ultrasound that showed nothing, not in the uterus or anywhere else. The tech said she thought she could see a little bit of fluid or a small sac in the uterus but that, if so, it was smaller than it should be. My HCG came back today at 2035. Has anyone had similar experiences? I’m hoping I’ve just had a late implanter who will catch up in time, but I’m terrified and fearing a fourth loss. Please help if you have any similar experiences 😔

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Quail15 Sun 28-Jun-20 08:08:38

I have had mixed experiences of this so I don't know how helpful it is.
One scan at 6 weeks showed a tiny sac and nothing else - I went on to MC a few days later.
Another pregnancy, I was pregnant with twins. One showing a heartbeat and the other really tiny at 6 weeks ( not expected to survive). A week later both heartbeats seen. Unfortunately I went on to MC both at 10 weeks and I'm currently waiting for the genetic tests results to see what the cause of this MC was as they were very healthy then suddenly not.

I know plenty of other women who didn't see very much at the 6 week scan but the baby had caught up by the 12 week scan 🤞 i really hope it goes well for you x

Phoenix21 Sun 28-Jun-20 08:16:18

I’ve been there. I’ve no advice, just wanted to offer some support that you are not alone.


nervousafterloss Sun 28-Jun-20 14:05:11

What awful experiences. I’m still hoping for the best while I know that may be illogical. It just feels too unfair that I get pregnant easily with trisomies and then a normal embryo will not properly implant.

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nervousafterloss Mon 29-Jun-20 15:42:02

Update: Today at 6 weeks and 2 days, they saw a sac that had grown from 1.5mm (at 6 weeks) to 4mm (6+2) and maaaaybe saw something growing inside on transvaginal ultrasound. I’ll have another ultrasound next week. The doctor gave us a 10% chance of viability. Any hopeful stories?

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nervousafterloss Mon 06-Jul-20 20:52:32

Just a final update in case someone stumbles upon this post in the future. This ended in miscarriage for us at 7 weeks and 3 days, I hope you have a different outcome.

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Northernsoul90 Mon 06-Jul-20 21:29:19

Hello @nervousafterloss I have just come across this thread and didn’t want to read and run. I know that this won’t be much comfort to you but I am really sorry for your losses and that you are having such a difficult journey. Offering support if needed flowers

Onemillion04 Mon 06-Jul-20 21:39:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

nervousafterloss Mon 06-Jul-20 21:51:45

Thank you ❤️

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