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How much bleeding is too much?

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Rainbow1808 Sun 31-May-20 09:18:55

I was only 5 weeks but I’ve never seen so much blood in my life. I was woke up this morning by the pains and I couldn’t actually feel it all coming out of me bit by bit (sorry for the tmi) Yesterday was heavy too but nothing like this. I phoned epu yesterday for some advice and they told me to go to a&e if the bleeding is bad but I don’t know what they class as badsad

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Rainbow1808 Sun 31-May-20 09:21:03

Sorry that was meant to say could actually feel it coming out of me*

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MoxyRio Sun 31-May-20 09:26:08

I think they say you should seek help if your bleeding can fill a pad in under an hour.
With my last miscarriage I had massive clots that were getting stuck so I had to go in for a ERPC else it would’ve just carried on.
I’d probably ring EPU again for clarification.

Flumo Sun 31-May-20 09:31:51

When I had a big bleed (about 8 weeks) I went to a&e unfortunately it was a friday night, sat for 5 hours to be told at 4am to go back the next day for a scan at 3PM. So went back and headed to ambulatory care and the lovely nurses told me I should have waited to ring them and they could of booked me in for a scan with sitting in a&e as they rarely do anything for pregnancy bleeds. Hope this helps 🤞 all the best.

Flumo Sun 31-May-20 09:32:30


MummyMilla Sun 31-May-20 16:17:11

Just keep an eye on pads. I had a MC in March and ended up needing a transfusion - there was A LOT of blood, like soaking through a pad in 20 mins with huge clots the size of lemons.

I'm currently miscarrying again at 5 weeks and it feels more like a heavy period atm but I'm only on day 2 so I'll keep an eye.

Sazzles01 Sun 31-May-20 22:25:04

How are you now @Rainbow? I'm just having my 2nd MC. Yesterday I had a very sudden, very heavy bleed - it was a constant flow, soaking pads in a few minutes. My partner phoned 111 as we were worried about how much was too much, but whilst he was on the phone to them I passed out. They sent an ambulance which came v quickly and took me into hospital. I saw a gynaecology doctor who did a cervical exam and removed some pieces of trapped tissue from my cervix (grim!) Apparently this is a cause of v heavy bleeding.. I felt instantly better after this and since then the bleeding has been significantly less, so please don't ignore it if you think it is too heavy! I was very close to needing a blood transfusion.

Rainbow1808 Mon 01-Jun-20 08:52:04

@Sazzles01 So sorry you’re going through thisflowers Glad you’re feeling better. I’m ok, the bleeding seems to have slowed down, a lot better than yesterday anyway. Mentally I’m struggling but I’m trying to stay positive about the future. I had a blood test on Friday to see where my hcg levels were at and have to go back today for another but obviously I know they’ve dropped. But the doctors don’t know about the bleeding yet as they were closed over the weekend so I’m going to tell them today and see what they suggest

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