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Help! Am I going to miscarry? Have I already? I need advice.

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Nannon145 Sat 09-May-20 22:13:08

Long story.
Got my first positive - very faint on 27th April.
On 28th April I started spotting brown, this turned into red spotting/light bleeding on 29th, 30th April & 1st May. Wore a pad but nothing ever went into the pad, was only there when wiping. Did a test on 1st May and it was darker than the one on 28th April. Red/brown spotting again on 2nd May. Then it turned brown for 3rd May and then stopped. 4th May I got a positive on a Clear Blue digital and a very good line (almost as dark as control) on a first response. Rang my doctor and he told me to see how I go over the next week and ring on Monday and can get me in for an early scan if still spotting.

Spotting started again on 7th May. Only brown and very very very light, hardly there but it's there, mostly in mornings.

Took a Clear Blue week indicator this morning and it only showed up with 1-2 weeks when judging by my last period I should be 5+3 weeks.
Also did another pregnancy test and it's lighter than they have been. Didn't have a first response to compare it against, but these were cheaper ones and I have used these before and got darker lines.

I just need some advice.
Stories of what other people have been through - good and bad.

I will be ringing my doctor on Monday so will be seeking medical advice but I just want to hear your stories and your opinions please.

Thank you!

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Nannon145 Sat 09-May-20 22:49:10


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justanotherneighinparadise Sat 09-May-20 22:53:14

Honestly, I don’t think any of us can tell you. Could be implantation bleeding, could be a slow slide as your progesterone comes down if your HCG isn’t rising properly. Ideally you need multiple blood tests at the doctors to see how your numbers are looking and if they’re doubling.

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