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Still positive test 3 weeks after medical miscarriage and still bleeding after almost 4 weeks

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Jenkison85 Sun 03-May-20 16:26:21

Hi... Sorry, its a long post but will really appreciate if you read.
So I found out at my 12 week scan that I'd had a missed miscarriage as there was no heartbeat and no growth since about 8 weeks.
Because my body wasn't 'dealing with it', medical management was apparently the best option (d&c not an option due to Covid 19). I ended up being in hospital from Monday 9am until midnight Tuesday as first rounds of meds (3 sets of tablets) and a few horrific examinations didn't work, so I got a 2nd round of meds (2 sets of tablets) - I was an emotional mess throughout, and I have to say I felt neglected over the 39 hours I was there. For instance at one point they decided I should be fasting, but no one told me, they just left me to starve and just never came back whenever I asked for a cup of tea.
3 weeks later and still bleeding since being in hospital, I took a pregnancy test and it returned positive.
Back to hospital, had a scan which showed a small clot or amount of tissue left, but not large enough to take direct action. They gave me antibiotics (even though no other signs of infection) to take for a week then another test to take. The doctor didn't even see me, just wrote a prescription in between a number of social calls and chats with the nurses that I could hear from where I was.
Almost a week later, I'm almost though the course of antibiotics, still bleeding and absolutely dreading taking another pregnancy test.
I feel broken and I feel completely failed by the NHS (I'm in Scotland).
If youre still reading... Thank you! And Has anyone had an experience like this? When I asked what might happen if, after a week on antibiotics, I am still bleeding and positive test - nurses refused to answer.
I understand Covid 19 makes things difficult but all I keep seeing it how 'the NHS is still open' and they want people to go, but I feel SO let down. I maybe understand my I miscarriaged, but I do not understand why something so awful has been made worse at every turn, whether that's because my body is failing me or carers just don't seem to care.

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FireflyGirl Mon 04-May-20 13:34:44

I'm so sorry you're going through this flowers

Are your tests still positive?

If so, I think you need to go back to the hospital and insist that they help you.

Most hospitals aren't offering D&C because of CV, but there is another surgical procedure you can have under local anesthesia, and they may also be able to give you a D&C as an emergency procedure.

You may need to be very forceful - you've tried it their way, it hasn't worked, now you want something doing. Don't be afraid to tell them how all of this is affecting you emotionally.

aeastley93 Mon 04-May-20 23:29:10

Hi @Jenkison85,

I went through a similar process last year.. missed miscarriage, medical management- didn't work, bleeding++, hospital stay, scan, positive test for ages! Another ultrasound and they thought I had a molar pregnancy so I ended up having surgical management. Fortunately, the tissue came back as normal pregnancy. I did recover really quickly after surgery though and got my negative test when they expected. I really hope you can get surgical management! Sorry you feel let down by the NHS. I'm an NHS worker myself and it's horrible when people have been let down in the NHS. Take care, I know how hopeless it feels xx

Bells993 Tue 05-May-20 13:56:02

Hi @Jenkison85
Sorry for your pain, if it makes you feel any better I had a D&C on the 6th so April for a 9 week MMC. 7 days later I passed loads of awful clots, I couldn’t get off the toilet for 3 hours it was so degrading. I then had a week of antibiotics due to possible infection. I had two internal to confirm there was no retained products. So even from myself have the surgery I had problems, I think unfortunately everyone’s body’s react so different to each treatment. I know you just be failed and it’s awful but try and keep your head up. The end is near. Is there anyway you can pay to have a HCG to keep an eye on your levels just for your own peace of mind. It took 3 weeks for mine to come down, I still have odd days of bleeding now a month down the line. No real sign of a period & cystitis this week to top it off! God knows what happening. Plenty of water, good food and rest! Alsoooo my doctor told me it was really important to up my iron intake, go get some tablets from your local pharmacy xxx

Jenkison85 Sun 10-May-20 08:57:29

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate you taking the time. it's tragic but comforting to know that we're never alone in these things...
Its just so hard to understand why your body isn't able to do what it's designed to do. The miscarriage aside, I understand that it did the best thing and made the decision about what was an unviable pregnancy... But this aftermath 😢

As an update, after my original post.. I Took another test, still positive (that's 4 weeks after med management) back to Hospital: more scans (external and internal, it showed the remaining tissues was as larger than before so must be clotting as its impossible to be more pregnancy tissue) and tests to check if I'm anaemic and for infection.

They still don't want to go down the surgical route, so I had a precedure that was described to me as inserting a straw-like thing to to my womb and there's a sucking action to try dislodge what's remaining. The doctor wanted to try it twice but 2nd time could get it in. She told me to take another test in 3 weeks but she expected me to bleed a little more over a few days but for it then to settle.
That was 4 days ago, not seeing any sign of settling but I hope it's done something. I'm disappointed the don't want to hear from me for another 3 weeks... Lockdown due to C-19 makes 3 weeks feel very very long and if its still a positive then all its done is prolonged this 😢

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Doughnut100 Sun 10-May-20 10:13:54

I am so sorry you are going through this. It really is a postcode lottery with the NHS because I was in the same position and begged for surgical management 2 weeks ago and they gave it to me. I really hope your most recent intervention has helped. If not, is there any way you can go to a different hospital or see a different doctor / department? And do you feel able to really stamp your feet and make a fuss about it? Because I think the care is out there if you can access it, but clearly it depends so much on which doctor/hospital you get and where you are. Sending love xxxx

Jenkison85 Sun 10-May-20 11:06:09

I actually don't know... I've thought about trying to go via my GP but I think they'd look at my record and want me to go back to the hospital ward I've been to. I feel like part of the problem is that I've never once seen the same doctor... Its always just who happens to be there. Even the one I saw on Wednesday started talking about infection and I told her I'd just finished a round of antibiotics... It was very clear she didn't know this so hadn't read my history. Also because I've been alone through every appointment I just crumble.
And I just don't know how I access care elsewhere.
Are you UK? If so, knowing that some places are giving d&c and others arent just makes me more negative about NHS. I'm in Scotland, maybe they're being when they told me I had to get a 2nd day of medical management I cried my eyes out and said I'd rather surgery... Ignored. But I do understand d&c isn't even 100% guarantee.
If they see me again I guess need to be stronger

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Stabal Sun 10-May-20 16:29:31

So sorry for what's happening 💕 I just wanted to say I'm going through a missed miscarriage right now, in Northern Ireland. Was told surgical wasn't an option unless 'nothing happened' with natural or medical management and that if it was needed it would be spinal not under general. So it is possible to have it done if you kick up enough fuss. I feel slightly let down by my care also but I understand with the circumstances, still doesn't make it better.. I assume the problem with surgery is the doctors will have to be wearing full on ppe and trying to work with a small area with masks etc it could be very difficult. I'm booked in tomorrow to begin medical but I've bled heavy this weekend and passed some clots and tissue so hoping I don't need it. Be firm and tell them exactly how you feel, best of luck! x

Doughnut100 Sun 10-May-20 19:41:41

@Jenkison85 I don't want to agree that you need to be stronger - it's a difficult time and you are doing your best. And it's not your fault for not being strong enough, it's their fault for giving you sub-par care. Speaking to doctors who clearly haven't bothered to read one week back in your notes is exhausting and you're already physically suffering. Being alone for all your appointments makes it so hard, and so much depends on the person you speak to. Also if you're not confident of the options it's easy to be led in the direction that's easiest for them.

Sometimes it is useful to not be strong, to stop holding it together and let them see how upset you are. But yes sometimes if you want something specific being very insistent does help.

I am in London so yes UK. But I think every hospital is run slightly differently according to staffing and equipment capacity etc. For my surgery yes they were all wearing full PPE, visors and all. I was offered the spinal sedation option at several points but I broke down crying and said I couldn't bear to know what was happening. One male doctor when I first started bleeding heavily over the phone said there was no need for me to even come in for a scan, he said if I was going to miscarry I would and I could do it all at home without coming in at all, but I got quite pissy with him for not understanding how upsetting it was and just kept pleading for a scan until he gave up and backed down. It took a while to be honest. Next female doctor I spoke to totally understood me.

Good luck. I mean, hopefully you won't need anything further but if you feel like it's not resolving you are fully within your rights to lose your shit at them. They need to ensure you have fully miscarried and stop faffing about. You have been through enough. xx

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