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bitheby Sat 11-Apr-20 16:12:01

Assume that it's starting. Still waiting to bleed after testing negative a few days ago, would have been around 5 weeks pregnant. There won't be much to miscarry but I want it over and done with.

My whole body hurts. I have fatigue. It's come on suddenly. This is my first pregnancy and first loss. Not sure what I'm posting for.

Hard to concentrate due to this sudden onset of symptoms.

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anon0704 Sat 11-Apr-20 16:49:21

hugs I'm so sorry this is happening. I'm having my first miscarriage as we speak at 13 weeks (empty sac). I have a son who is 8. I know it's pretty common to have them, and often, women don't know about it, except the tests are so sensitive these days. I don't know what consolation I can offer except I was told the majority of women do go on to have healthy pregnancies after. All the very best <3

bitheby Sat 11-Apr-20 16:56:12

Thanks. It's a bit shit. I'm 43 and single. Pretty impossible to try again under lockdown. Trying not to get too carried away or it is too upsetting.

Just want this first step to get underway. Really feels like it is now. Strong cramps and pain.

Sorry for your situation too. We will get to the other side.

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anon0704 Sat 11-Apr-20 17:08:36

We will. Try to be gentle with yourself and I hope once the world is a safer place, you are able to try again.

bitheby Sat 11-Apr-20 17:35:07

Thanks. Am bleeding now. Had a shower and will go and see if it's cooled down enough to lie in the garden.

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bitheby Sat 11-Apr-20 20:41:26

Oh my god the pain. When it comes it doubles me up and it's hard to walk. I only had to walk as I live on my own and I have animals to look after.

I'm barely bleeding yet. I hope this doesn't go on too long.

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crosser62 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:45:26

What pain killers do you have in?

bitheby Sat 11-Apr-20 22:08:31

I've taken paracetamol as that's what the midwife recommended on the phone. Other than that I have ibuprofen and I do have some co-codamol.

It is waves. In between the pain dies right down. Then it comes back again.

I'm ok. Breathing through it. It won't last forever.

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