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luisa778 Sun 05-Apr-20 15:44:05

I am terrified as I am around 8 or 9 weeks pregnant and I am spotting pink blood. I am unable to go to the hospital as I am self isolating with my 10 month old baby. Has this happened to anyone before and it hasn't resulted in miscarriage? Thank you.

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Bailey93 Sun 05-Apr-20 19:31:54

Hi, I'm so sorry you're so worried. It's the worst feeling in the world knowing something could be wrong. With me it was a mc, but I know so many others that have had bleeding and everything was fine. Have you had any cramps? Do you still have symptoms? I would say just keep an eye on the bleeding and if it gets worse I would call your midwife or the EPU if you have one in your town (we don't here). It could be what you think it is but it could also be absolutely nothing! I know it's hard but try not to worry. daffodil

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