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How long until you felt OK again?

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Givemethegin Thu 26-Mar-20 22:00:17

It's been a week since my second miscarriage. I know that isn't long yet but I'm concerned about how long it will be until I'm back to feeling OK given what happened last year. It would be great to hear some experiences about when your emotions and energy were under control again.

Last year, also 2 days mothers day wknd I had my first miscarriage, I thought I coped well and tried to get back to normal within a few weeks but then chronic fatigue struck, after a few months I got diagnosed with coeliac disease, eventually I went through the diagnosis fully and my body managed to finally absorb some nutrients /vitamins etc, but then the month after that I got all anxious as it was then around the time of the due date, which of course coincidided with baby loss awareness week... Can't make the timings up...

After that I would say I was back to normal. 3 months after that I got pregnant again. But here I am again and I really really don't want to be wiped out nearly all year again! Anyone got any examples that will give me some hope to help? Thanks!

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Brainengaged1 Fri 27-Mar-20 05:19:05

I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through, it’s a dreadful experience to go through .
In terms of your ‘body’ feeling normal it will probably be difffernt for everyone . All of the hormones are all over the place , as the body is a bit confused as what has happened . I went back foolishly beck to work two weeks after and I had still lots of bleeding and cramps . My body took about 6-8 weeks to return to normal.

Of course my life 24 yrs later has moved on but I still remember all of that terrible time . I now have a wonderful but smelly teenage ds!

You will get through this , be kind to yourself and try not to set a time limit on this . X

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