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How long do the cramps last for?

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Fee57 Thu 26-Mar-20 15:32:00

I started miscarrying properly four days ago and had it really bad yesterday. Stupidly I thought that might be the worst of it over but its just hit me like a brick with the most painful cramps and loads more discharge. How long does this last and anything I can do apart from hot water bottle and paracetomal? 😭

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showmethegin Thu 26-Mar-20 15:36:19

Hi OP. I miscarried at 6+3 last Thursday. I had cramping for around 3 days but it's settled down now although I am still spotting. How far gone were you? I would recommend giving your GP a call, they should be able to check everything is as it should be.

I'm so sorry for your loss thanks

Fee57 Fri 27-Mar-20 06:45:16

I was 12 weeks. I unfortunately can't go for medical attention yet as my husband has symptoms of coronavirus so I need to wait another ten days. It's calmed down to a dullish intermittent pain thank goodness. Although I thought it had already calmed down. 🙈

Thank you and so very many hugs to you for your loss as well. 🤗 ♥

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yukka Fri 27-Mar-20 07:02:17

Sorry to you both sad 💐

I had a few mcs, one at around 10 w that took about a week to pass everything. The cramps were v painful but that lasted about two days, then I was resting and waiting for everything to pass.

I guess you don't know when your baby stopped growing? Sorry if this is tmi, If you don't know, assume it was around 11w, body took a week to respond, you will pass a little sac etc then it's mostly over, bleeding for a few days. If it was earlier than that then it wont be as bad.

It's tragic and sad and heartbreaking. Look after yourself and if the pain is getting very bad phone the GP and they may give you some oral morphing or coedine but don't feel you have to suffer in pain. The GP is still there to look after you xxx

Fee57 Fri 27-Mar-20 08:36:00

I've sadly no idea but I've had suspicious discharge for about two weeks which I was told would probably be fine. I know they couldn't have done anything anyway but feeling a bit broken that I didn't get told to come in for a scan to check. And by the time I did get told to I couldn't because of sodding coronavirus. The pain is OK today and the bleeding has eased off thankfully. And then sadness hits me. 😢 I'll be OK I know that but I can't even get a hug from my husband. Just s***.

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yukka Fri 27-Mar-20 18:08:20

I know it is so rubbish, it's such a strange feeling of sadness. I can only offer hope to you as I sit here with my 8 month old. Miscarriages are so Much more common than I realised and yours is likely a one off.

Treat yourself to the nicest things you can. To be honest I'd probably be hugging by dh anyway.

But you will be ok and when you feel ready, you still have the future to look forward to xx

Fee57 Fri 27-Mar-20 20:08:22

Thank you so much. It is so strange and I didn't even begin to comprehend it until it happened. Thank you for the hope, its what I'm holding on to just now and I know that there will be light at the end. ♥

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