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Retained tissue after mc

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Somama Wed 25-Mar-20 10:34:38

Hi All

Im hoping someone can help me with a question i had. I mc at 6 weeks, bled for a 7 days. I went for a scan at epu 5 days after bleeding started. The gestational sac was still present and they done some blood tests which concluded that hcg levels have gone down so concluded that i mc. My question is that on thr day of scan my bleeding was lighter and within 3 days my bleeding completely stopped. I haven't seen the sac pass through so I don't know if I've passed all the tissue. Im not sure if i need medical management. If i haven't passed all tissue, how does this interact with ttc in future?

Would be great if anyone can provide input. Thank you x

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MummyMilla Thu 26-Mar-20 16:39:01

@somama I would go back to epu for another scan. They don't like you having retained stuff and will probably want to help get it out as you'll be at risk from infections.

You should be able to call epu directly to head back in

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