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Support in Oxfordshire?

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Booni Thu 05-Mar-20 08:40:02

Hello, I had my 12 week scan lat week and found out our baby has died. On Thursday last week I had surgery and currently back home and trying to recover . Still shocked... I have been signed off from work for 2 weeks but already dreading to go back even though everyone seems very supportive. Received lots of texts, flowers etc I just wonder if you know of any support group in Oxfordshire as I am feeling super lonely atm. I am 36 and desperately want to try for a baby again but scared that will miscarriage again... sad

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Rasberrypavlova Thu 05-Mar-20 16:22:37

Hey there, I don’t know if any support groups in Oxfordshire (or anywhere for that matter, I’m in the North West) but I’m in a similar position to you, 35, literally just been / am going through a miscarriage which started at the weekend & it has really knocked me for six. Got to be back at work next Monday & I can’t bear the thought of it. Personally I’ve been finding a lot of comfort, support and advice on the various online miscarriage support groups on Glow, if you are not on there already maybe worth a look? I know what you mean about the loneliness, we’ve not really shared this with anyone except those that had to know. But just know you are not alone 😘 xx

loveacupoftea18 Thu 05-Mar-20 16:30:55


I'm so sorry that you're going through this.
I don't know if any support groups but I've found people on mumsnet very helpful.

If it helps at all, i had a missed miscarriage a few years ago at a very similar stage to you. I was devastated as it was a much wanted baby but I'm now sat in my living room watching my very lively toddler who I fell pregnant with very swiftly afterwards.

Sadly I've just had another miscarriage whilst trying for number two but I am concentrating on the success we had last time.

Feel free to message me if you think I can help.

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