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Missed miscarriage - intuition?

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Booni Sun 01-Mar-20 11:02:36

Dear All, on Tuesday last week I had my 12 week scan and discovered that our baby has died. I had a surgery on Thursday and now home, trying to recover and rest. We are still in shock... and devastated. I am 36 years old and it was my first pregnancy. I keep thinking about something... I really wanted to be pregnant , I went for my early scan (8 weeks) and everything was fine. Doctor was really pleased with the pregnancy, baby was good size, there was heartbeat. but 2 weeks after I stop ''feeling'' I was pregnant. Don't get me wrong - I had all pregnancy symptoms, but couldn't connect with the pregnancy. I kept waking up at night scared '' thinking I wasn't pregnant any longer''. The fear of losing baby was unbelievable every single day and I couldn't enjoy being pregnant at all. Just wonder now whether my body 'knew somehow'?? Has anyone had a similar experience before having a miscarriage?

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Rhubarbe Sun 01-Mar-20 16:13:29

I’m so sorry that this has happened to you.
I had a missed miscarriage a couple of weeks ago and had strong feelings about a week beforehand that something had gone wrong.
I hope you have time and space to rest and heal.

OneMoreForExtra Sun 01-Mar-20 16:18:25

Yes, I did. I actually walked out of work (absolutely unheard of for me), feeling awful, didnt go home but went walkabout in my town and ended up in a greasy spoon caff with a cup of tea, wondering why I felt so bad. Not ill, not bad tempered, just profoundly terrible.

The next week my 12 week scan showed no heartbeat. There is no doubt in my mind that afternoon was when it stopped.

I'm sorry you've had this happen to you.

PokesIris Mon 02-Mar-20 00:54:59

I had this but I kept trying to ignore it instead of setting up an appointment which is something that haunts me but it was difficult to set up my first ultrasound because of certain circumstances but anyways ended up having to have my first ultrasound at the ER because I started bleeding bright red with some small clots, was supposed to be 10 weeks but baby’s gestational age was 8 weeks and 2 days from the scan which was around the time I started feeling like something was wrong.

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