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MMC still nothing 3 months on

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EJT91 Sun 01-Mar-20 07:45:14

I've waited a few weeks to do this, mainly because I was so all over the place and I wasn't sure if anyone had had the same experience as me because it all gets a little complicated! On the 11th December, I went for what should have been my 12 week scan. We were so excited! Straight away I could see nothing on the screen and the sonographer told me my pregnancy hadn't progressed past 6 weeks and wasn't viable. My scan was passed to a consultant who was adamant I'd got my dates wrong and wanted to wait a week and rescan to see if it had progressed (I knew my dates were right!) went for the rescan on the 21st December where they said whatever they had seen on the screen had gone and my body had absorbed it but there was a clot visible on the screen. I was told to go home and wait it out. My hcg levels were coming down but very slowly! 3 weeks later I still hadn't bled. I was going back for weekly blood tests and my levels were still coming down but slowly. The nurse at the EPU told me to wait another week and do a pregnancy test, which was obviously positive. On the 2nd February, I went for another scan where they could see more clots on the screen this time and that it looked more "cystic" that's where the panic set in. I know cystic means molar pregnancy. I'd asked several times if it could be a molar pregnancy and was told no because my levels were coming down. I was booked in 3 days later for a D&E under general. After the op the consultant said she was sure she'd got everything and it definitely wasn't molar. I was so relieved, finally we could move on! Bled for 2 weeks and got a call from the EPU. They had tested the product and it wasn't molar but it wasn't pregnancy tissue either so I needed another scan. Went for the scan on 24th Feb and they announced my scan was still the same as before and they had missed some and my HCG levels were still 94 and had only dropped by 16 since my procedure . By this point I was furious and completely drained. The consultant rang the next day and said she didn't want to do surgery because its too invasive and last time I lost 500ml of blood. She wants to wait until 12th March to rescan and go from there. I've asked for the pessary and she's said no because it still looks cystic!! I'm so Confused / upset. While all this was going on my, best friend announced she was pregnant and is due 2 days after I would have been. Has anyone experienced anything similar. Should I just go with it or maybe try and get a second opinion? Thanks.

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