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A threatened miscarriage ?

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kayjxo Wed 12-Feb-20 15:42:23

Hi. I had a miscarriage in October last year and fear it is happening again. I am currently 7 weeks and have been bleeding on and off for a week, I also have the slight cramping on and off but feels no different to ordinary period pains. Other than this I still have the normal pregnancy symptoms eg tender breasts, bloating and sicky feelings. These have not gone away like last time.
I went for a scan last week when the bleeding started, however due to me being so early in pregnancy they could not detect a heartbeat therefore I am due for another scan on Monday. The nurse told me the sac and the pregnancy looked intact which reassured me however I cannot help but fear the worst.
Has anyone else been through something similar to this? I can only pray that my baby is still developing and on Monday I see the heartbeat but can I be bleeding for this long and everything be ok ??? Confusing confused

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LittleBrownBaby Wed 12-Feb-20 19:52:45

Oh you poor thing! I'm in a similar position. Also miscarries in October and now 6 1/2 weeks and having on and off spotting (however it's very very light and light pink / light brown not red blood). It only seems to happen on the evenings and is sometimes accompanied by cramps. I haven't had a scan yet as was worried about it being too early so going to book for a private one for the end of next week.

I really hope your little bean sticks and Monday brings good news x

kayjxo Wed 12-Feb-20 21:09:52

@LittleBrownBaby thankyou so much for your reply. Mine started off as really fresh red blood for the first 3 days and now is light pinkish. Strange for you how it only happens in the evenings! The body is a very confusing thing isn't it lol! My mind is just forever playing tricks on me one minute I feel pregnant the next I don't I'm very 50/50.
I would like to think everything is fine but obviously no bleeding in pregnancy is seen as normal 🙄 praying you have a happy result with your little babe also! Xx

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LittleBrownBaby Wed 12-Feb-20 23:34:50

@kayjxo thank you. Let me know how it goes with your scan. This stage on the process always feels so uncertain but there are so many stories of people with early bleeding going on to have very healthy pregnancies so I wish you luck x

kayjxo Mon 17-Feb-20 10:45:34

@LittleBrownBaby hi, just giving you an update. Everything is FINE!! I have a bit of bruising where my uterus is being stretched and a little haemotoma so they think the bleeding is from that. Did you get a scan sorted? Hope everything is ok X

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LittleBrownBaby Fri 21-Feb-20 21:58:25

@kayjxo that's amazing!! Very happy for you! I had a scan that showed an empty sac yesterday but hcg levels looking good and bleeding is only light spotting. I am holding the sac was empty because it's early days. My dates could be well of as periods are irregular after October mc. Scan again on Monday - fingers crossed x

LittleBrownBaby Mon 24-Feb-20 15:10:45

@kayjxo hi! Had my scan and there is now a yolk sac inside the sack - so progression. Another scan in a week, should, everything crossed, show a baby with a heartbeat!

kayjxo Mon 24-Feb-20 15:27:26

@LittleBrownBaby brilliant!! So glad for you, what a relief! How far do they think you are? X

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LittleBrownBaby Mon 24-Feb-20 22:52:25

@kayjxo they think just under 6 weeks (my LMP dates had me at 8 but I knew I was well off that). Fingers crossed for something more next week.

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