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Miscarriage / possible ectopic / ovation cyst

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Jojay2015 Tue 11-Feb-20 01:33:04

I had my second miscarriage on the 6th January which was confirmed in an ultrasound the next day as non viable pregnancy, I should of been 6 weeks and 6 days.
I’ve had a pretty traumatic time with it (sorry it’s a long read)

On my scan they found a very enlarged ovary and were worried it was a possible ectopic so they kept me in hospital for 3 days until they seen a decline in my HCG levels. A week after leaving the hospital I found the bleeding got lighter but the pain was still unbearable so I went to my GP who referred me straight back to gynaecology at the hospital, they did further tests and found the same results on the scan and my HCG levels hadn’t really dropped much from my final blood tests a week earlier, so then they again kept me in hospital, this time for 5 days until they seen them decline to 50 then they let me go home.
A week and a half had passed and the pain in my right ovary came back and the pain was so strong I was referred back to the hospital where an ultrasound again shown an enlarged ovary but my HCG levels were now showing at less than 2, they did bloods tests and my CA125 levels came back slightly increased but the doctor said this can be the case as it takes weeks for the pregnancy hormones to leave your body completely and I’d need to be tested again in 6 weeks. The pain was not getting any easier so they then decided they would operate and did a diagnostic laparoscopy which confirmed I had an ovation cyst and subserosal fibroids. They didn’t remove anything though as they said they wouldn’t bother as they was both measuring at just under 5cm. On my follow up appointment 1 week later I explained to the Gynocologist that I was still experiencing pain in my right side regularly and her response was “you will be in pain as you have over 8cm of masses growing inside of you” and insinuated that I would just have to deal with it for 6 months until they will see me again for a follow up to see if the cyst has decreased in size.

I’m now just a total mess, not only am I devastated about my miscarriage and fealing fearful about the fact I may never become a mother I’m now having to deal with all this added emotions and pain in regards to my health. Did my fibroids or the cyst cause my miscarriage? Will this affect a future pregnancy? I’m just so scared and feeling so vulnerable at the moment, I feel really alone and feel I have no one to talk to as I do not know anyone who has ever suffered a miscarriage before, all my friends have children or are pregnant at the moment so no one understands what I’m going through, they can sometimes be really unsympathetic and I can’t handle being around them at the moment.

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