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Miscarriage but yolk sac still showing on scan

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MummyinNeed94 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:22:55

I had a scan 2 weeks ago due to a little bleeding and the scanner said there was a sac so I was just under 6 weeks and to come back 2 weeks later, so went back on Monday and the yolk sac is still there it's grown but can't see nothing inside sac so they said I have had a miscarriage and gave me options to move forward, option 1. Was to let nature take its course and let my body release the sac naturally option 2 insert tablets to stop the pregnancy growing and open cervix to help the process start and option 3. Surgery to remove what's left, I've decided to wait and do it naturally after having a still born last year when my womb ruptured to me taking something to force it out seams like not an option. But I was just wondering what happens if my body doesn't do it naturally?? What happens then?? I've seen some posts of not being able to see anything inside a sac and a few weeks later something popped up on a scan out of no where but I don't want to get my hopes up. But what if say within the next 2 weeks nothing happens will they re scan me? Do bloods? Make me take tablets or have surgery

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