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second miscarriage after successful pregnancy

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glou94x Mon 27-Jan-20 18:46:39

i can’t believe i’m writing this but today i suffered my second miscarriage in the 1st trimester, we already have a perfect ds who apart from bad sickness was a good pregnancy and delivery, we decided to start trying last august just before our ds turned 2 in december we happily found out we were expecting at the end of september but sadly lost around 7 weeks but when i found out i was pregnant it was only because i’d be logging my periods, ovulation, conception etc so when i was a day late i did a pregnancy test, apart from sore boobs i had no other symptoms and i kept saying to my partner i don’t even feel pregnant surely i’m not this lucky to have NO morning sickness, second pregnancy we found out couple weeks into january again just because i’d been logging it and had a feeling but again apart from sore boobs nothing i literally had 2 occasions of nausea but that was it and in my heart of hearts i just had a feeling it was going to happen again and sadly today it did and i’m absolutely heartbroken i just can’t understand why after having a perfect baby why can’t we have one again i just want to hear other people’s experiences i am going to go drs to try and be referred to see why this might be happening i really can’t cope with going through it again

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wekeepgoing Mon 27-Jan-20 20:05:37

Sorry for your loss' I know it's so hard x

I have had 2 miscarriages after 2 healthy children so I know you can't help but wonder what has changed.

Firstly I wouldn't get too hung up on symptoms in the future, I think it can cause unnecessary worry. I had 0 symptoms with my first 2 and flew through pregnancy. 1st miscarriage I had the most symptoms but lost the baby at 16 weeks. Bear in mind some ppl don't get symptoms until after 7 weeks.

Defo push for some tests for thyroid, blood clotting and other common causing of miscarriage as well as checking progesterone in your next pregnancy

Unfortunately from the mountains of research I have done it's often that nothing is wrong with the mother but I know that is hard to accept when it's back to back.

I am still waiting for some results back but so far nothing has shown up. I am trying not to become too focused on finding answers when there probably isn't any.

Were you offered any tests on the baby when you miscarried RE chromosomal?


glou94x Mon 27-Jan-20 22:28:01

i wasn't no, i'm going to try and get in with drs tomorrow to try and get referred to see what's going on and i know they might not find anything but i need to at least try and find out x

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jackstini Tue 28-Jan-20 15:26:50

Sorry for your losses @glou94x
I had a healthy pregnancy followed by a MMC, then a chemical pregnancy then another successful one

Just wanted you to have a success story and hope your next pregnancy sticks flowers

AdorableMisfit Tue 28-Jan-20 15:35:33

I'm really sorry for your losses. I had two miscarriages in a row after my daughter. After the 2nd miscarriage it took me another year to get pregnant again, but that time it stuck and my son has just turned two. Also, I didn't really have many symptoms (sickness etc) with either of my successful pregnancies, so try not to worry too much about symptoms. Crossing my fingers that you have more luck with your next pregnancy.

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