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Dr's don't know what's going on- so fed up

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LuItaliana Fri 10-Jan-20 16:08:31

Sorry this is long - Bit of background I've had 2 MC's and 1 ectopic where I lost my right fallopian tube.
I got a BFP last week and went in to the EPU for an early scan because of the previous ectopic.
They couldn't see anything on the scan in my uterus or anywhere else so they thought maybe it was too early and did blood test for HCG and had to go back monday and wednesday for blood test to check HCG is doubling. It was and wednesday my HCG was 2800.

I went for a scan today and they still can't see anything! They said there was a small mass in my uterus but was too small to really tell what it was and with a HCG as high as it is they should be able to see a clear sack.
I asked if it could have been MC they said possible but unlikely as HCG keeps going up. So I asked if its another ectopic they said possible but they can't see anything anywhere & I have no symptoms (last time I had terrible pain, headache, bleeding) I had a tiny bit of spotting last week which I assumed was implantation but obviously not.
So I'ts not a viable pregnancy, unlikely MC and unlikely ectopic so what is going on?! They took my bloods again today & will call me later with results.
I had a midwife and 2 consultants do the internal scan, I was in the stirups so long my legs started shaking! They said they're calling it a 'pregnancy of unknown location' for now & the consultant will call me when my blood results come back later.
Thank you if you've made it to the end! Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm just so fed up

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Mollie3 Fri 10-Jan-20 23:25:54

I didn’t have a scan until just over ten ten weeks so not experience of this BUT just because they cannot see it doesn’t mean it’s not in the right place. As you’ve had experience of ectopic you will know the symptoms. It’s a very good sign that your HCG is going up appropriately and that suggests a normal pregnancy, so you might just need to give it another ween or so. Hopefully you can get some answers soon, I do know that not knowing what is going on is sooooo hard x

Mollie3 Fri 10-Jan-20 23:26:40


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