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Medical management miscarriage experiences - how long should it take?? Please help

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Yellow27 Thu 09-Jan-20 20:40:41

Hi, I had a scan last week and was 6+3, measuring correctly and lovely heartbeat. I began bleeding and cramping on and off over the weekend and sadly a scan on Tuesday showed no heartbeat. I opted for medical management and had the four tablets inserted today at 11am. I had pains and bleeding, dark and stringy but not necessarily clots, when I went to the toilet until about 4 but since then nothing. I am desperate for this ordeal to be over. I’m heartbroken and feel like it is just dragging out with no end in sight. I called the ward and they said it can take 48 hours but everything I’ve read suggests it acts quicker than this. Why isn’t my body doing what it needs to do? How long is it going to take? What are my options if, as I suspect, it doesn’t work?

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Iliada Thu 09-Jan-20 21:52:27

Hi Yellow27, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’m also sorry that I don’t have any answers as I am in the same boat except I have been sent home with the tablets and told to do them tomorrow.

I really want an answer to this question as well - I want to know more about what to expect as the doctor was vague. What I do know is that my doctor told me that I have to come back on Monday as the process should be over by then (or not, so needing more management). That would mean that she must expect the possibility of it all being over within 72 hours, but I guess probably not before.

Also wanted to give you some solidarity. I really appreciate knowing I’m not alone in this, and wanted to say you are not alone either.

Yellow27 Fri 10-Jan-20 00:03:03

Thank you Iliada. It really has been the worst week. I always imagined if it happened it would be over quickly. Well it’s been 13 hours since I had the tablets inserted and looks like I’ve been very unlucky as apart from some medium bleeding I haven’t passed anything of substances. Really just had enough it now. I’ve spent the whole day researching and think it happens within six hours for most people. I really hope it works out better for you and I’m so sorry for your loss too x

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june2007 Fri 10-Jan-20 00:12:15

The pessaries didn,t work for me so had to have a medical. I went in for 10.30, la booked for 11.00 out of hospital but 12.30. Was a lot easier then expectd. But I think I am not normal in finding it quite so easy. Still don,t feal it,s all over though as I have to wait 3 wks before doing a blood test and no sex to next period so still feal things are a bit in limbo.

june2007 Fri 10-Jan-20 00:12:35

Sorry not blood test, pregnancy test.

Shopaholic29 Fri 10-Jan-20 07:05:11

Hi both.
Really sorry this is happening to you both. I had a medical management just before Christmas. In my experience I was given 4 tablets orally, and experienced all the cramping etc on the same day and passed just blood and a few clots, but nothing massive, this was on a Monday.
I returned to normal life and went back to work, on the Thursday that week, whilst at work, I passed the sack.
It can take some time, but I was a bit 12 weeks along when I had this. I had a scan the following Monday to confirm that everything had passed.
I know the feeling of limbo and just wanting everything to be over with. X

Yellow27 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:48:49

Thank you all for replying. I feel really let down by my own body to be honest. I just don’t understand why it is taking so long and I was really hoping the tablets would work but I can just tell they haven’t. It just feels like the most awful situation. I’m constantly sad and really do feel in limbo. It’s not really practical for me to go back to work while it is ongoing because I teach small children so can’t go to the loo as and when I need to and if I continue to have pains they won’t be getting the best of me. I am considering the surgery now to get it over with xx

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june2007 Fri 10-Jan-20 22:31:13

Yellow unless your in seriouse pain or passing clots I don,t see why you cant go back to work. I work with children although I am not teaching. I couldn,t have had time off "just in case".

Yellow27 Fri 10-Jan-20 23:44:32

I understand that in some jobs it would still be a very difficult time but perhaps easier to take a quiet minute to sit down and wait for pains to ease. This isn’t possible in a classroom. I am bleeding on and off throughout the day, heavier than a period and having sporadic cramping. I know that I will have heavy clots or a sac to pass at some point. That’s why feel it would be irresponsible and impracticable to return to work whilst this is ongoing. I can’t just leave the room and rush to the loo if I need too. Those are the physical reasons, the emotional factors go without saying. The children deserve proper teaching and proper supervision at all times and I can’t guarantee that at the moment. Like I said, I hate that it is taking so long and am desperate to return to normality.

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june2007 Sat 11-Jan-20 00:57:05

Well the fact you are bleeding is good news as it may mean things are working, (so you may avoid further treatment.) I thought you weren,t really getting anythin, so get your point. Lets hope you do pass so them you won,t need further medical intervention.

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